I love spring! The weather is warming up, animals are being born and flowers are starting to blossom. I think of spring as a time of growth and abundance, and so for the next few months helping you grow the abundance you desire is my focus.

Angela is a good example of what’s possible. When I met her she was tired, unmotivated and felt like she wasn’t able to turn things around. In just a few sessions, coupled with frequency medicine, that all changed.

Angela Friday-Sunday at the March 2017 Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp

Hear what Angela shared.


So, what are the steps for attracting abundance and achieving your desired results? Below are seven simple steps to begin to shift the mind set and re-wire your brain.

  1. Emotions: Think about your day yesterday and ask yourself what emotions you felt first thing in the morning, then at lunch, dinner and bedtime. Do this for the past week just to get an inventory. Notice where you are dissatisfied, negative, frustrated, angry. Vibrations attract similar vibrations, so this pattern has to be changed to get your desired results. Because our brain waves correlate with your emotions, getting in touch with your emotions is the first practice. Notice the range of emotions.
  2.  Goals: Think about your goals. Where do you want to go? Health, relationship, financial, abundance, experiences, career…
  3. Feel it 100%: Picture yourself already there as if you have achieved your goals and feel that feeling… like you just won the lottery. Allow it to radiate out from your entire being. These are the feelings you want to experience and re-create every day!
  4. Double and triple those feelings: Give it a color! Notice how different this is from when you just thought about your day. It is the passion and feeling that will attract what you want. This takes practice and dedication and commitment. The reward is great.The more I practice the more my goals are achieved and the quicker they manifest. Where you put your energy is where you will succeed. It is like taking care of your pet and raising your child – your attention, love and feelings shape them and you!
  5. Put actions with your passion: State your passionate goals while exercising or walking or doing yoga. Come up with a different yoga pose for each intention.
  6.  Empowerment: Each night, as you fall asleep, reinforce your desired reality with additional creative power. Expand your vision and see it blessing humanity and the whole.
  7. Gratitude: Thank God, Buddha, Jesus – who or whatever you believe in. This is an important step as it creates the circle of energy that allows the process to be repeated again and again. This is the divine connection and the universal principal, “Ask and you shall receive.” It allows your relationship with God to grow stronger.

Goal Setting

How you set your goals matters. You want to create the BIG vision and then set manageable sub-goals. The brain always wants proof, so if you state you achieve one million dollars and you have $100 currently, you will have to baby step it. For example your goal can be $500, then $5,000, then $10,000 and then $25,000. The subconscious mind believes you can do it if you have one great experience. This can also be compared to what an athlete does with desired outcomes: They hold a BIG vision, set sub-goals, practice their sport, achieve their sub-goal and celebrate, practice more and set another sub-goal. The brain has held on to the success, allowing them to create another win.

How to Set Your Goal

1. Always put your goal in the positive and present tense.

2. Make it about you. You cannot control others, so if you desire a new relationship then your goal might state, “I am loving and compassionate towards myself, allowing great people to enter my life.”

3. I like to begin with, “I am allowing…. I have the courage to… I am capable of…”

4. Write your goal down as many ways as you can and be creative with it. It is best to use pen and paper rather than type it out. The brain’s pathways connect when you write in cursive on paper.

5. Here are a few affirmations to get you started:

  • “I have the courage to live each day with passion and purpose.”
  • “I have the courage to respect my abilities and I always fulfill my potential.”
  • “I am wealthy and successful, every day, in all that I do.”


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible when you start to re-wire your brain for success. Sign up for a Discovery Session with me to learn more about how you can grow your abundance garden!

Love you all,