Brain Soul Success Podcast: Featuring Dr. Kyrin Dunston, on Brilliant Resilient Health

Brilliant Resilient Health with Dr. Kyrin Dunston 

Are you struggling with weight loss? Today, my guest is a woman who has gone through an amazing health journey. Dr. Kyrin Dunston has lost a life-changing 100 lbs and fixed her adrenal fatigue. She is a pioneer of female hormonal justice and the founder of the Midlife Metabolism Institute and The Hormone Club. 

I can’t wait for you to  listen to her story! 

Inside this episode… 

  • Dr. Kyrin’s weight loss journey – from her struggles all the way to her success in beating obesity 
  • Hormone deficiency and how to test it right 
  • Discover a whole new approach in balancing hormones and achieve optimal function 
  • How energy work and quantum physics can help in hormonal dysfunction 
  • Dr. Kyrin’s morning and night rituals for resilient health 

I had learned a lot during this interview and I hope you too can approach hormone health in a  more holistic way through managing your emotions, self care and keeping your vibrations high. 

You can get in touch with Dr. Kyrin and know more about her work by visiting her website  

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