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Our stellar coaches are highly skilled master therapists, teachers, speakers and intuitive brain-soul success academy graduates.

The skill these women have using the BRAIN System tools will make your skin stand on end.  You will be amazed about what comes up during a session and ask, " how did you know that? " One of hallmark tools we call releasing the soul ties- which is a brain- soul balancing method that can release ancestral blocks to success and calming anxiety, sometimes in one session.

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Meet our Team

Dr. Jean Suffield, DNM

When was it ever enough? This question permeated my formative years. Success was a high priority for my parents and for me as well. I worked hard with dedication and perseverance to achieve a high level of expertise over the years. It is only through meeting Dr. Louise Swartswalter that I saw firsthand the type of transformation she facilitated with ease, and grace. It was breathtaking, immediate, profound, and with precision and expertise converging the body and spirit into the ©Brain Soul Success. I wanted to be able to do this.

Dr. Louise’s B.R.A.I.N.™ and the © Brain Soul Success provided the templates for effecting these changes from within. She alone has drawn from so many researched sources to effect true transformative changes we need throughout life. She attracts and gathers only those who are supportive, loving, and interested in helping others develop skill levels of Quality. My Hat's Off in helping me become the more balanced, relaxed, and skilled person that I want to be.


Wanda Harrison

I was raised in a very dysfunctional family of 6. We moved several times during my younger years. My parents got divorced in my teens and I became the care giver for my sister and brothers. I married at 18 and became a care giver of my family. Again, it was a very dysfunctional family but it was all that I knew. I worked in the medical field as a Respiratory Therapist again being a care giver with my patients. Then later on my husband and I had to take care of our mothers until they passed away. If you get the picture, this whole time I was stuffing my feelings inside which then caused me to get very sick. To the point that I almost died 4 years ago and was unable to work any longer. I had an angel of a friend recommend that I go see Louise Swartswalter. The first time I saw her she showed me how so much of my past was causing my illnesses.

My husband saw the difference in me as well and also started seeing Louise.  My husband encouraged me to learn this phenomena of her B.R.A.I.N system. I joined the mastermind 3 years ago and have never looked back. It was the best investment that I ever made. I’m healthier and more spiritual then I have ever been. I can look at when I am getting sick which emotion may be causing it and clear it without taking some drug. My relationship with my husband and family is stronger than ever as I teach my family these tools. This work has given me the power to help and heal myself. I have never been more spiritual and growing stronger each day.  I’m now starting my own small business and I work closely with Louise as a certified Brain Soul Success Coach which was never in my future before. I have a future! Take the Quantum Leap!


Deanna Stanley

As a CNHP and Biofeedback Specialist, Deanna Stanley holds certifications in Biofeedback, Homeopathy, B.R.A.I.N System and is a Loomis Digestive Health Specialist. Her practice utilizes the Eductor Biofeedback and Genius Bioresonance systems. In addition, she offers polychromatic light therapy, HRT, PEMF, and B.R.A.I.N System Quantum Integration. This combination of modalities, centered around Biofeedback, has allowed Deanna to pursue her passion for alternative therapy and natural health, developing and enjoying a successful, full time practice for the last 18 years.

Clients experience better sleep, improved memory, focus and release years of ancestral trauma. One client who worked closely with Deanna said “I feel happier and more balanced after my sessions with Deanna than I have in 20 years.”

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