Allow Your Gifts to SHINE!

Break down the road blocks to your success and personal freedom

using my signature B.R.A.I.N. Program!

B.R.A.I.N. is for you if:

  • You struggle with fatigue, burn out, stress, or pain;
  • Are sick of feeling stuck in a rut you can't get out of;
  • Have made changes but are not seeing the results you hoped for;
  • Are ready to leap forward in your life, relationship, business, or other area of life such as sports or the arts.
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Isn’t it time you lived the life you have been longing for...a life of vibrant health, great connections, and confidence?

You are in the right place!

There is a way to end the struggle and pain and live a life you create and desire. I can you show you how. I have walked this path myself and want to share the secrets and simple techniques you can use too!

Join us on this journey of clearing blocks (new and ancestral), self-discovery, brain–soul balancing and leaping forward...finally!

Do more, Be more, LIVE more!


Lisa shares her transformation!

Past Members Share…

"Since I have been working with Louise, I am no longer afraid or anxious about taking steps toward starting my business and my future success.  I actually feel hopeful about the experience and am enjoying the process  I have been so impressed with the mental shift that Louise has helped me achieve."

- C.A., Washington

"You find things in me that I didn't know were there." You saved my life literally."

- S. M., Albuquerque, NM

This is for you if...

  • you want to get your mojo back!
  • you are ready to honor yourself and release the fear and limitations.
  • You are spiritually aware and want to reach your upper limit (allow your greatest gifts) in life or business.
  • want clarity to make choices on what gets you excited.
  • have a burning desire to finally experience the life you have wanted.
  • desire a complete connection to self, God and others.
  • want to be in the flow and live YOUR joyful life.
  • want to trust your intuition and follow it.
Apply Nowfor a complimentary Discovery Session

In this program you receive ...

  • monthly personal sessions (6 total) and one monthly teaching- question and answer tele class.
  • The BRAIN program will be followed.
  • You’ll also receive weekly frequencies to enhance your success, other bonuses, practical homework and videos from our video library for you to keep.
  • I record the calls and send along class notes each week.
Louise Swartswalter Teaching Class
Louise Swartswalter Teaching

Vicky's Success!

Vicky's pain was not just physical. We had to clear the past trauma's and emotions connected to health and moving forward. What  a transformation!

My thanks to Louise for a great session.  By opening my awareness to the blocks I had and helping me remove them along with a few other suggestions, it has truly awakened me up to a future where anything is possible and not to stay stuck in the status quo.

- C. Esty, New Brunswick, Canada

Here is an outline... each module addresses an important part of this holistic program as outlined here.

  • = body - physical detox, foods, supplements, frequencies to support you.
  • = Release mental chatter, emotional baggage
  • = Align Spiritually-Our spiritual bodies affect our physical - raise your frequency.
  • = Integrate - soul ties to brain rings
  • = New Program - Overcome it all and put in a new program of health and vitality using energy work and meditation
I want to invest in myself, I am ready!

"Wow, Louise! Since we had our truly wonderful session a week ago, so much has shifted and continues to transform. Before working with you I had done so much work on the issues with my parents yet still felt hurt by them - ugh! Through your techniques and understanding of ancestral patterns I am over it. I have forgiven them knowing they were acting out ancestral patterns they had no way of knowing about. Big sigh of relief!  The big thing is I don't feel victimized by them or by my partner any longer. I don't react to things other people do or say by feeling insecure or guilty. It's like I have taken my power back and other people can no longer make me feel there is something wrong with me. I feel free, and that is a very different outcome from any other work I have tried. Also the Mind Gems are great for emotional balance. Thank you so much!"

- A.C., Colorado

Thanks Louise and thanks for working with me on a Sunday!!  I felt good after the session, I think we cleared a lot and I’m feeling a few aches and tension in the body I guess stuff is releasing, especially around my heart.Thanks again.  I love your work.

- Michelle, Ireland

I recently worked with a practitioner from another country over the phone and
she said...

“I feel like a different person. I don't know what you did? People are commenting that I look and sound different. Amazing!  I tried a lot of things over the years and I am blown away! I wake up singing! 

- M.R., Canada

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