The work of Dr. Louise Swartswalter, the B.R.A.I.N.™ System  has been the key in realizing my true soul's purpose. I know my “Why?” I have found my Voice and have made the transformational changes I needed to embrace my true and authentic self. Dr. Louise is unique and so are her programs that are at the forefront of neuroscience and the Quantum field. I said “Yes” to myself and now have the tools I require to stay calm, relaxed, balanced, and be the skilled person that I want to be. My love and appreciation to Dr. Louise for helping sat YES! I shall always be grateful.

- Jean Suffield, Canada

B.R.A.I.N System has been the easiest and most effective modality that I have ever used, and I had done a whole lot of work on myself over the last 35 years. In the 35 years of trying different modalities, reading different books, working on healing the trauma of just being alive and to lose all the stored knowledge after the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) was devastating to me.  However, after investing in myself by joining Brain~Soul Mastermind and learning and using the B.R.A.I.N. System my life, my brain and my business has been transformed. I made 6 figures this year!

- Deanna Stanley , Minnesota

I have received tremendous benefits from working with Dr. Louise and the group.  I noticed right away I was falling asleep faster and feeling more balanced/relaxed.  I attribute this to positive points/mind gems and the biofeedback we do on our group calls.  As I progressed I realized I had a lot of stuck emotions, and emotions I had never looked at before.  It motivated me to continue to work and clear these out of my field.  This was accomplished in 1:1's with Louise and our group calls.  These clearings have made me feel so much lighter and free!   Brain Soul Success has accelerated my "shadow work" greatly clearing out the old and allowing more light to enter!  Overall I feel much more balanced and aligned with my souls purpose.  I also look younger and have had many say the same thing about me which is wonderful.  Overall, I have received numerous benefits from Brain Soul Success and love the group as well.  The group holds a safe, fun and positive environment!

- Ryan Hill, Colorado

I learned HOW to live successfully and Fully. Thank you so much Louise! I hope your New Year is full of love, peace and tasty adventures! Thank you for all you have done for me. I cherish your wisdom and teachings in my heart and share them with those I meet. Your light shines so bright through all those you've touched and I'm proud to say I am one of them!

- Business Owner, Jolene, Washington State

When I first met Louise I was a twitchy stressed woman who could barely tolerate staying in my body. I suffered self-doubt, unworthiness, grief and shame. OMG! what has happened to me borders on miraculous since I gave myself a life-line for true integration of my heart/brain. I no longer suffer from ancestral energy that had held me back. (These emotions were in my energy field and I thought they were mine.) Granted, emotions still come up, but I NOW have tools to keep my energy field clear. I am in my body, calm, joyful, grateful, most of the prickly exterior is gone and my feelings of anger intolerance are greatly diminished because now I have more awareness. My relationships with my husband, family and friends have been enriched. My brain is sharper and I keep uploading more of who I am. If you are reading this, just do yourself a favor, say yes and take that fantastic leap of faith for yourself.

- Alexis Keynes, Australia

So grateful, Louise, for your attuned guidance of me that allowed me to clear residual holds from my childhood that had me get sick every time going back to my homeland seeing my family, held me back in being fully self-expressed in life, work and love. This is opening up for me greater freedom, full self-expression and ‘I can do anything’ attitude. My physical body feels lighter, my emotional self feels peacefully open-hearted and my spirit being is walking in the light.

- Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Illinois

Blessing to the community
I am continually amazed at how you do things! Last night was wonderful, information about geopathic stress. Even your folding chairs are comfy, padded. Usually don't find them so comfortable. And your constant contact with clients is just so caring and loving, thoughtful, kind. You really do have a
personal touch in everything you do. This is rare among coaches and practitioners. What a blessing to the community!!!

- Author and Musician, Alana, New Mexico

I avoided surgery- you saved my life!  Recently I worked with a woman who had swallowing issues and periodically has to have her throat stretched.  She said , I can only have the stretching  a few times and then I have to have a feeding tube.  In one session with a couple of supplements she is swallowing fine, cough is gone and she has more energy. She said, "I feel better than I have in 3 years!" I do not know what you have done, it is amazing. My color is better, I am hiking, riding my bike and I do not feel as uptight."  Thank you!

- Frustrated surgery candidate, Joanne New Hampshire

I wake up singing I  worked with a practitioner over the phone and
she said, " I feel like a different person. I don't know what you did? People are commenting that I look and sound different. Amazing!  I tried a lot of things over the years and I am blown away! I wake up singing! 

- Maria, Canada

Broken Elbow- Biofeedback sound frequency speeds healing, no pain

My son had an I-V inserted into his arm. The ER took x-rays and knew how to handle the situation, which I believe was because of sounds. The injury was revealed with out complication. Then the sounds helped his pain management. The sounds helped him remain calm. Although he was very far away -7 hours away, he was calm.

The SOUNDS are amazing. Louise, THANK YOU!!!!! The sounds changed my son's brain. They helped him turn off fear and release the trauma so he could begin healing. Healing without pain.

- Worried Mom, Albuquerque

Getting my brain power and health back was my quest after having fourteen mercury amalgam dental fillings removed in one day.  I crashed and lived on oxygen for three years. There I was, fighting for my life and at the time thought it was just a physical poisoning.  However, I soon realized that God wanted me to heal all of me so the journey to address the mental, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral and energy field patterns began.

Since I taught special education students for twenty five years and then became like the students I taught the BRAIN has always been a focus. Yes, I lost my memory, had hyper activity – fatigue swings as  I healed and noticed that my own brain patterns were similar to my students.

Fast forward sixteen years.

Your success is my mission. I am passionate about helping people allow their gifts to shine and achieve their best life!   The addition of the frequencies allows your subconscious patterns to shift quickly and the sky is the limit!   I have helped over 10,000 plus people and their families achieve health and happiness in the past twelve years.  Now, I see their children and grandchildren. . Am I that old?   No, I run anti-aging frequencies on myself so I feel twenty years younger and look ten years younger. You can also!


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