Brain-Heart Connection

A Heart Brain Connection

I haven’t been writing as much as I’d like so I took a look at previous posts of mine and look what I found?

A post from February 2015 and still it reads true.

From my February blog post I would like to share some insights regarding heart health that also relate to the brain. This is the Heart-Brain Connection.

The heart and brain are connected in two distinct ways.

  1. The first way the heart and the brain are connected is physical. When you eat heart healthy foods you will also feed your brain. Consume living foods like vegetables and fruits, healthy cold pressed oils like fish, flax and walnut, lean organic grass fed meats, poultry and fish, whole grains and probiotic-rich fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut and cultured vegetables. Skip the sugar, fast food, chips and soda.
  2. The second way the heart and brain are connected is spiritual. “Researchers at HeartMath believe intuitive feelings emanate from the heart. They have found evidence showing the human heart has an intuitive intelligence, which is changing what science and medicine have historically believed. Even without our realizing it, the heart guides us in much of what we do, but often we allow our brains or our unmanaged emotions to take the lead role in our decision-making and later regret our choices.

Heart - BrainNeuro-cardiologists have discovered that the heart has an intrinsic nervous system which can operate independently from the brain. The neurons in the heart have been shown to have both short and long-term memory. Until recently it was believed only the brain was capable of these functions. They now know the heart has a powerful electromagnetic field and its complex nervous system and circuitry generate up to an estimated 60 times the electrical amplitude of the brain.

When you feel positive emotions you will be less stressed and your heart rhythms will be balanced. Practice maintaining a positive attitude, mediate, use biofeedback, brain wave balancing, join our long distance frequency groups, pray whatever it takes to access your intuition and allow your heart – to lead you, not your brain (logical mind) in matters where intuition is required. There is a balancing act of course and the logical mind ( brain) is important when doing your taxes, taking a test, or organizing your files.

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