During the course of my practice, clients have come to me with almost any issue or situation imaginable. Almost always I am able to not only help them using the B.R.A.I.N. System, but find and clear blocks they didn’t know they had, propelling them forward in a quantum leap. Clients come to me as people in need and leave empowered, with their lives transformed. But I have a secret. It’s not all me. In the instances where I have seen truly miraculous outcomes it has been with clients that understand their own power. The real magic happens when clients use the tools I give them along with their own God-given intention, and we work as a team to transform their lives.

Here Frank transforms pain in five minutes using the tools we learned in the Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp.

Most of us are already aware that it is important to have good intentions, but many of us may not be aware how powerful and important intention is in our lives, or how intention can physically effect our brain and the world around us. The base of the brain holds a bundle of cells called the reticular activating system (RAS). The RAS sifts through and evaluates incoming signals from all our many senses and decides which ones to pay attention to and which ones to ignore or suppress.

According to Price Pritchett in the book “The Unfolding”: “Usually only three things are allowed access to your consciousness: things that you value, things that are unique or unusual, and things that threaten you. Intention activates this attention center in your brain, positioning it to serve you as an incredible source of power and creativity.” He goes on to say that when we set an intention, the RAS adjusts how it filters information to sort through your “entire range of experiences for things that relate to the fulfillment of your intention.”  It is similar to the scenario when your friend buys a red Mustang sports car and for the next few weeks you keep seeing red sports cars. They were always there but now you are tuned into them.

Some scientists estimate that the brain takes in 11 million bits of information per second, but we are only aware of about 40, so imagine how changing how we sort through all that information could transform our lives if we started looking for information that supports our intentions instead of contradicts them. In other words, an intention physically changes the way you see your world, and the way you see your world is what makes the experience of it “real.” Therefore, when you set an intention to be healthy your brain filters in experiences that support your experience of health until that experience becomes your reality. This is how a thought goes from an intention to a manifestation. It’s all you, baby, I just help pave the way!

Between your own inherent power to create what you want in your life, and my ability to guide you, coach you and remove those energetic roadblocks to your success, there’s no reason why you can’t have your wildest dream come true. Not one reason.  I have kept 3 spots open next week  for three motivated people to discover their next best move to creating that dream come true! Hurry!  APPLY HERE

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