Need a Brain Tune-Up?

Need a Brain Tune-up?

I get more excited about our brain programs everyday. Ya know, I am like a mad scientist playing in the laboratory incorporating various combinations of biofeedback programs, techniques, energy work, supplements and prayers. And some how it all seems to work beautifully. Why? Simple. Because I walk with God and follow my intuition and trust it. I encourage and empower you to to the same.

Illness, anxiety, inattention is just body out of balance and once you are balanced your symptoms disappear and you feel healthy again. All my programs work to put you back in balance detoxing and rebuilding your blood and your brain and re-aligning your body, mind, spirit-soul and energy field. It is truly holistic and unique.

In fact, I do not know anyone that combines all the Brain Based Methods completely and synergistic-ally.

I have learned from many experts and they are not addressing clearing past traumas that get trapped in the brain or working in the energy field to change the brain patterns and old programs, including ancestral programs and emotions. Geotran addresses these patterns. For more info on Geotran click here: Geotran: Brain/Mind/ Body Integration.

So, what evolved as I continued to learn is my signature system, The Beautiful Balanced Brain. The difference is the completeness and the simplicity!

Detox your brain

Brain Changers you Can Incorporate today!

  1. Mind Gems.
  2. Eat organic foods and add in more vegetables- think colors.
  3. Prayer
  4. Keep your language and self talk positive- your cells hear the negativity
  5. Take probiotics and eat cultured vegetables.
  6. Raise your frequency by letting go the past traumas and patterns. Get the E book Brain- Soul Balancing.  Call us if you need help and experience a brain tune-up: 505-797-0540.
  7. Join the Awakening Abundance Group- I work on your frequency as you sleep.

See a few results below and we just started! Just today I have heard from our Awakening Abundance group members.. I am changing their brains as they sleep! What could be easier than that?

Members share Awakening Abundance 2015

Here are results reported and the first two happened BEFORE I started frequencies.

  • Group member already received her inheritance check the day she signed up for the group.
  • Group member received $10,000 for Social Security back pay.
  • Another member received checks for $240 and $77 today in the mail.

And just today…

Louise , what have you done my husband? He is much better today after group last night. JV


Thank you, thank you, thank you ! My friend and I were together last nite and at 8 we did the mind gems as well as Master Sha’s Five Element tapping and singing. Great! My back pain has essentially disappeared and today had some friends visit us unexpectedly, with much laughter and love.


PS….when you worked with me last month on my grief re a friend/brother who had committed suicide, I am now “free” of the heavy energy that was causing continuous pain and sorrow. I am so grateful ….THANK YOU. Blessings, Pam


Someone barely knocked my bumper, called her insurance co. who wrote me a check for $2,600. A series of smaller “receiving’s” have just appeared. A long time Humana bill for $26,000. looks like it will be cleared soon, so I can clear it from the debt collection record, and a previously perfect credit rating. Now, I just need a home to purchase with all this coming my way. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the abundance work! KM CA


Yesterday I looked on craigslist for some fencing as I had only priced new. Found 8000′ of perfect condition for less than half the price of new. Posted just two days before! Today we had a busy and successful day with our septic pumping business. Thank you Louise! Melanie

Here is the Awakening Abundance webinar replay packed with great content to leap you forward! I highly recommend you watch the webinar: Awakening Abundance Webinar.

If this changed your life or perspective please leave a comment below.