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Do you want to up your LOVE vibration? Experience Beautiful Balanced Brain!

The quest for a stronger spiritual connection is the reason for our existence. Even if you believe you are here to raise a family, be successful in your business, connect deeply with others in relationship, I listen to folks daily ask about God, soul, truth. I feel their yearning for that higher LOVE. I hope I am not going too deep here.. the energy on the planet seems to be resonating with this truth more now than ever.

Recently I had the opportunity to give my Beautiful Balanced Brain work a real test. A client’s spouse was in a bad way – delusional, in the hospital, on meds and clearly not his soul’s truth. After a big entity clearing that was partially successful I recommended a priest, these clients live in another country. I knew I could clear the energy field using my Brain Soul Clearing technique, biofeedback and other tools so we got to work. The priest’s work and the energy clearing opened the door and he is back. Yea! Whew… it was intense. It sure got me thinking about how many folks with dis-eases of all types including delusion, anxiety, auto immune, allergies, ADD, etc are needing a brain- soul clearing. If we had not opened the pathway to clear the daemon I do not believe the result would have been the same. I want the world to know what is possible. People do not have to suffer and it is really simple.

I also know that if folks stay with the program and continue to raise their frequency those entities will not hang on. LOVE is a vibration and by raising your LOVE vibration and optimizing DNA you can have freedom. I created my frequency groups ( Awakening Abundance is the group we are in now) to help YOU stay in the higher vibration.

See more here… Awakening Abundance Frequency Group WOW! this year’s Awakening Abundance Group is cooking!~

So, what exactly is Beautiful Balanced Brain?

I use a process that developed from my own healing and twenty five years of working with clients and special needs students. I have a system and a tool box. I grab the “tools” I need within the framework of the system. My brother taught me you must have the correct tool for the job ( Happy Birthday Greg). He meant Craftsman tools- wrenches, hammers, sockets, etc. These energetic, biofeedback brain -balancing techniques are also tools. More on how you can “use” these tools below.

The system includes these basic categories:

  1. Physical-Nutritional Bootcamp
  2. Mental Magic
  3. Emotional Transformation
  4. Spiritual – Soul Purification
  5. Overcome it All – The field work which is the missing piece in most brain programs

You can experience this system and learn it, too! First step is to get you healthy and balanced, next Brain Success-Coaching teaches you the TOOLS and takes you through powerful exercises you can use for yourself and others.

It is time for you to leap forward!

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Clients have said…

“You find the things in me I didn’t know were there and shift them. You take away my pain so quickly. You literally saved my life! I feel lighter like a weight has been lifted. I met a man after that integration and lost ten ponds in two months and feel great! You taught me how to stay healthy – worth gold! The ADD is gone. You gave me my son back! You helped me start my business, thank you.

Can you feel the LOVE vibration?

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