Do you sometimes feel like your brain is just bouncing around like a puppy: unfocused, hyperactive, fixating on the wrong things, and then suddenly fast asleep? That’s because just like a puppy, your brain is craving attention, structure, and care.  Here are some tips on how to boost your brain’s performance and take it from a yapping pup to a skilled show dog.

Teach it a Lesson

We know that learning keeps the mind sharp, but did you know that teaching also helps get it in shape? When you explain information in a way that another person can understand it, it actually works your mind out almost as much as if you are learning it for the first time. Take advantage of mentorship programs where you can share what you know with others. An added benefit: By teaching the next generation, you’ll be powering up your own generator and giving yourself a little dose of mental anti-aging serum.

Food For Thought

One of the young women that works with me, Ungie, was born and raised on a cattle ranch and is now a blossoming backyard goat header. I’ve heard her say many times that if you don’t think nutrition affects your body, just look at how animals react to different foods. “You can tell by their hair and eyes whether they are eating the right food,” she says. “If they look dull they are probably eating cheap food — the equivalent of McDonalds for dogs.” So, that yapping puppy-brain of yours may actually be the result of poor nutrition.

Eating refined sugars, MSG, gluten, and other processed food are almost certain to give you brain fog and make it difficult to focus. You can’t go wrong with organic vegetables, the more the better! These gifts from the earth are loaded in things like antioxidants, lycopene, and quercetin.

Among the best nutrients to keep your cerebral power lines strong are omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in fish like mahi-mahi and salmon. They also help keep your arteries clear and improve the function of your message-sending neurotransmitters. I sell an awesome Omega supplement that I helped formulate that I refer to as one of my “basics” for anyone’s health.  SHOP OMEGA HERE.

Get into the Game

Participate in weekly activities that require your body and mind to work together, such as tennis, dance, or yoga. These activates will get your brain firing while clearing it of mind chatter and stress at the same time. It seems that more intense exercise preserves neurocognitive function by decreasing the Apo-E4 gene expression, to help clear the beta-amyloid plaque that gunks your power lines. Exercise has been correlated with increased telomere length. Added bonus: You get a medical excuse to have fun!

Get the Giggles

While we are on the topic of fun, laughing is known to improve the immune system, and have a valuable effect on the memory. Humor requires what the laugh docs call conceptual blending—that is, the ability to relate the expected to the unexpected. Telling a joke challenges your brain. You have to be able to play mental hopscotch from one word to another to make sure the story or riddle combines a set of expected circumstances and unexpected ones. Just try to keep it clean folks.

Luckily for me the brain is a very complex and fascinating organ that never ceases to create new ways for me to keep learning and teaching. Most of you know by now of my passion for this bio-motherboard perched on top of our shoulders, which is why I am beyond excited that in just two weeks I will be hosting my signature speaking event, the Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp. March 10,11, and 12. My team and I will have the honor of welcoming folks from all across North America who have invested in themselves to learn more about my B.R.A.I.N. System. If you are curious about the 5 secrets of  Success: Body, Release, Align, Integrate, and New Program, we still have a few seats left! I’d LOVE to have you there. SIGN UP HERE.