The BRAIN Method….

is a unique combination of modalities that work synergistic ally to balance the brain.  I discovered and created it from my own

path of healing and after working with over 10,000 clients in the last twelve years.  Balancing the brain is not accomplished by just eating healthy and taking high quality supplements and probiotics.   The mental, emotional, subconscious patterns and spiritual and energy field ( the soul ties) must be addressed for complete healing.  And.. drum roll here…  when these areas are addressed at the same time in the same session, people leap forward.  Yes, we can work long distance or in person. Everyday I observe the miracles that occur.

Someone asked the other day, “Do you feel like your work is more powerful in person?”

I answered, “Not really as there is intimacy created on the phone/skype that is special and unique. We have great technology and it offers more opportunities.”

I recently worked with a woman whose family we cleared and now her son is more open to discovering his spiritual path.  Miracles do happen!    She said, ” I feel enlivened and expanded.”

I have been asking clients:  What is the greatest transformation I provide ?   “Dramatic changes in peoples lives!! Solutions to human/spirit/genetic  challenges that have “seemed to be impossible to concur”. You can improve any area of your life.  Thank you, bless you! ” LG, Albuquerque

A Brain Boosters Group Member shared:  See more about our groups and sign up for the raffle to WIN a free month!  Beautifulbalancedbrain

Hello,  my daughter And I did your Brain Booster group. Rainbow( daughter) ” didn’t believe it,so didn’t let her know I added her on. I asked her higher self with my pendulum, answer was YES. So, I notice she is lighter in Spirit,myself too. Rainbow just connected to ” someone very special”  about 2 months ago!!! Has been alone for a few years and she is going to meet his family in February.  Now I can’t say for sure it’s connected to the ” Brain Booster” but my gut feeling is—- IT IS!. My negative chatter is more gone then not!  I’m more relaxed then I’ve ever been in my LIFE!!!! Many Thanks for being YOU!! Your truly one of the GODDESS ANGELS!!!.   P.S. Yes signing us both up for your next group!  Big Hugs & Love B. B CA





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  If you are stuck, feeling like a hamster on a wheel, been searching for non invasive answers for a health issue,

are fed up with life, then the BRAIN program is for you!   Isn’t it time to shift those old patterns?

Call now and receive 10% off your session!   505-797-0540

I look forward to your success!  Love, Louise

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