Balanced Brain-Abundant Life

Today we were talking about one of the important steps in creating abundance, your  emotional state and your balanced brain.

Did you know that your emotions carry a vibration and it is the emotional charge attached to your intention that creates your dreams?  The conscious mind deals with planning and allows self-awareness. The subconscious mind is your higher intelligence and is unlimited.  When you access the subconscious your mood is encoded as a new blueprint.  If you are in fear it reinforces fear, if you are happy it reinforces happy.

EMOTIONS are the “programs”  that drive your bio-computer. When you focus your intention and have passion you will succeed!

It is your balanced brain that creates an abundant life!

The division between the conscious and subconscious has been referred to as the Gate Keeper. When we are very young (before about age 6) you live in mostly the Delta and Theta brain waves.

If you recall watching children play they seem to move so fluidly and grasp new learning so quickly. Children learn things quickly because the Gate Keeper has not been formed yet.

If you are in the wrong state you will not see what you do want.  I believe to truly be free and create our dream life we have to release the blocks to success that have gotten stuck in the brain ( cellular memory) in order to move forward.

Brain Messages

As a Brain Success Coach I have worked with over 10,000 folks in the last twelve years and each client has taught me something.  I am literally blown away by the patterns that I see weekly and the layers of “ little traumas” that are stuck in the “rooms of the brain.”  It is the emotions that are attached to the issues that cause the block.  It is the issues in our tissues.  When these “memories” are transmuted the person’s anxiety, sleep issues, sense of lack, inability to create, stuckness is transformed.  The individual can allow their gifts to shine. The process I use to do this is called Brain Soul Balancing and you can get the FREE Ebook here:

Brain-Soul Balancing

For example we cleared the issue of heartbroken, sad and alone ness a women felt on her birthday when her son’s did not acknowledge her and put in  the vibration of hope, optimism and imagination back. She felt lighter and can move forward now!

I often find that it is the issue of invalidation, shame or put down that forms a block to success.  So how can you do this?  What techniques work best?  How can you be free to create the life you desire?  As our Awakening Abundance Group gets going I will share the steps to creating your dream life. Our group is our largest ever and even before we started the frequency members shared these successes.

You are invited to join us and raise your vibration to attract the abundance you desire. See more here:

Awakening Abundance Now 2016


…..ALSO, I, too, responded 1 1/2 weeks ago to sign me up for the Awakening Abundance group…and this last Wednesday night I won $2,500.00 at our Raffle to support our Athletic Program!!!!

It occurred to me that the group had not even yet started !?  Simply AMAZING!

Many Blessings-  Valerie


OK Louise, I have finally received concrete evidence of this abundance stuff and energy and group and your work.

As you know I have some density around some of this though I trust it and you, but feeling it in the moment is often difficult for me.

Well, today I just received a check for a lot of money from a stock/business mess from 10 or 12 years ago!

Also, the other person I signed up for the class (which as you know hasn’t even started!!!!) has had her phone ringing non stop with new clients.  She has no time for them all, but is still getting calls from people who want to work with her.  She did, as you have, and raised her rate, and still more come!

Anyway, thanks for your work and vibe!   M. W.  Albuquerque



Are you ready for abundance?

Here is your first step:

Emotional Thermometer

Emotions: Think about your day yesterday and ask yourself what emotions you felt first thing in the morning, lunch and dinner and bedtime.  Do this for the past week just to get an inventory.  Notice where you are dissatisfied, negative, frustrated, angry.  Like vibration attracts like vibration so this pattern has to be changed to get your desired results.  Because our brain waves correlate with your emotions getting in touch with your emotions is the first practice.  Notice the range of emotions.

The more you can stay in a positive trusting frequency and have that vibration in both the subconscious and conscious the quicker you can create your dream!

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
Albert Einstein

Leave a comment below. I look forward to guiding you to create your dream life!