Brain Soul Success Podcast: Featuring Deborah Fryer, PhD, on The Anatomy of Money

The Anatomy of Money

Today’s episode is gold! We’re going to talk about the Anatomy of Money – interesting, right? I want to introduce to you Deborah Fryer, PhD, a spiritual business coach, money mindset mentor. She is the founder of the Anatomy of Money, a holistic brain training system that incorporates ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience to reset, rewire and recalibrate you for your best life mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

She helps coaches, healers and creative entrepreneurs build 7-figure soul-aligned, sustainable businesses that serve people and the planet. Deborah is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the author of Best Brain Hacks, Turn on Your Tap, Best Year Ever and the forthcoming Abundance Diet and The Anatomy of Money: Reset, Rewire and Remember the Truth of Who You Are.

Inside this episode:

  • From breakdown to breakthrough – Deborah shares her inspiring story 
  • How the subconscious mind works and how it affects your money story 
  • What your chakra system have to do with making money 
  • How conditioning and programming affects how you make money 
  • Understanding your emotions and its correlation with money

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There’s a lot of  nuggets of wisdom that Deborah shared in this episode. I hope the learnings that you get from here, you can apply in your life and design the life that you desire and all the money that comes with it! 

I hope you find this episode super informative. It’s time to up level your money story. 

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