Would you spend time putting a jigsaw puzzle together if you knew there was a piece missing? Even if you told yourself that one little piece wouldn’t be noticeable when 99% of the image was complete, once you finished all you would be able to focus on would be the missing piece. Self transformation is just like that jigsaw puzzle. You can’t be completely healed, or successful, or happy if you only have 99% of your pieces put together. It took me many years during my own healing journey to realize this for myself. I was doing the B.R.A.I. and missing the N. It wasn’t until I discovered energy work, Geotran, and how to put a new program (N.)  into the energy field and the “bio-computer” that the whole puzzle finally came together.

I named that puzzle the B.R.A.I.N. System and it stands for body, release, align with spirit, integrate, and new program, because I learned every one of those pieces must be addressed before real transformation can be achieved. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to transform your health, your happiness, or your career, those five components always apply.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of presenting the Brain-Soul Leap Bootcamp to a room of wonderful people from as far away as Canada.

 During the course of those magical three days, I was able to introduce my bootcampers to my B.R.A.I.N. System. To continue the analogy, I showed them what the completed puzzle can look like and how to tune their minds into putting the pieces together. In just three days members transformed. They let go of past anxiety, pain, blocks, ancestral programs holding them back, and more. We took pictures before we began and at the end of the weekend to show the difference!

Gosh, we look lighter, happier, more grounded and aligned. Yet the biggest changes occur when we peel off the layers “of baggage.”

My goal is to change a million brains by 2020, and the only way I can do this, I realized, is to begin teaching others how to create the transformations they wish to see in themselves and those they serve. B.R.A.I.N. is, in my 20+ years of seeking, the only system I have found that creates real, lasting transformation because it doesn’t stop at 99%, it goes that extra 1% by incorporating a new system after all the balancing, releasing, detoxing, and spiritual alignment has been achieved.  When we use the B.R.A.I.N. System success in life, career, business is achieved FAST!!

What is your next best next move? Let’s get on a call and figure that out for you. I have only 3 spots this week so hurry!  Sign up here and our team will call to schedule with you.

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Here is a look at how Kristen, who joined us at the Bootcamp, was able to up-level her health and career after just a few sessions.