I never talk about politics and yet I feel called to at least say this…

Did you vote?

Your voice matters and speaking your truth matters. At a time when our freedoms seem to be controlled by the world pandemic, the rules imposed, the isolation and heightened anxiety, I believe it is most important to take the steps to take a stand on your beliefs.

No matter what party- Republican, Democratic, Independent please let your vote count.

This crazy election and the mean messages, anger and judgement led me to ask myself these questions:

  1. What is freedom?
  2. How can one feel free inside themselves during these times?
  3. What can I do to help more people?
  4. Is there a greater message from God right now? What is it?

I hope those questions make you think and reflect.

I feel there is BIG MESSAGE given to us right now – we have been called to grow ourselves, take care of our bodies and search our souls for our truth.

What do you BELIEVE in? What action steps can you take today?

So many questions… my teachers have taught me the question is more important than the answer. How very cool is that? If you think about this statement, when we ask the question, we already have an answer or at least a direction.

My suggestion is this:

  1. Be still and curl up with a cup of tea
  2. Do Mind Gems
  3. Turn off the TV
  4. Answer the questions above
  5. Decide on your one action step towards honoring yourself and your beliefs
  6. Just Do IT!

I love you all and would love to hear your answers and action step. Please send me an email.


Louise Swartswalter

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