What an honor to be interview Gregg Braden, a five-time New York Times best-selling author, researcher, educator, lecturer and internationally renowned as a pioneer bridging modern science, spirituality, and human potential. I have been a fan for years. Gregg shares the power of the words and his new book, The Wisdom Codes. Fascinating!

During our interview, I asked Gregg to share how we can clear the fear and keep the faith during these times.

Gregg shared that we are made for these times. This is the time to be honest with yourself, eat healthy living foods, and exercise (we need movement)… your body will respond. If you have a compromised immune system, then get real, take action and make the changes necessary. We are getting ready for our new world. It is really about, “Do you love yourself enough? “

I work with words and codes in my Brain-Soul Success process, so I was curious how he got the inspiration for the Wisdom Codes.

The Wisdom Code contains all the ancient prayers and mantras to re-wire our minds and hearts. The words change us – they change the neuro- peptides. Science says we repeat between 60 – 80,000 times each day to others or ourselves and the words change how the neurons wire and fire our brains and our heart.

Listen to our interview here.

Gregg shared Wisdom code 3 – the Lord’s prayer and how it is organized in a format similar to our computers. I asked about the lost book of Q. which was supposed to be the original prayer by Jesus. The prayer was pieced together by the scholars. Why are there no female scholars represented in the Bible? Thunder Perfect Mind is one of the books of the Bible that was written by a female scholar and there were a lot of books that were removed.

The Beauty Code, spoke by the native American tribe, Gregg has been saying for years and it totally hit my heart — beautiful!

His big final tip- Do you love yourself enough to make the changes you need to make at this time?

We are creating our new world – what we do now matters. What you tell yourself changes your brain and the neuro peptides.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much I enjoyed producing it!


Louise Swartswalter