Have you ever had a day that seemed God orchestrated? Every person you talked with just knew you were suppose to connect? Everything you did flowed even with a few glitches? You asked and received?

Recently I had a day that did not begin well. Perhaps you can relate? Just yesterday I woke up to my computer crashing. I have nine computers I use for my biofeedback programs and this little Asus ran constantly. It was a little powerhouse and my dedicated Zoom computer because it had the best camera.


I arrived in the office to find that my computer glasses were not in my purse. Darn! Well, I knew it would be a challenge to work the computer all day with my daily long distance glasses…. but, “I can do it, I said to myself. “

Next challenge of the day was the laptop with the camera I brought with me (that I never use for zoom calls). I could not get on the internet or zoom for our team meeting. Mmmm… I never use this computer on the internet. I needed to connect to WIFI and it is an old computer.

So, it was the first time I did Zoom on my phone. I did it with my brilliant TEAM. The meeting must go on! As you can tell, I am not the most tech savvy person, though I sure do know neuro- biofeedback, and I am a wizard on my programs and using my B.R.A.I.N. System. With all these challenges… I still had the BEST Day!

Why? Because I focus on the people. I had two new clients today and a dear client I have know for 10 years. I am in love with them. The new clients knew they were led to work with me. I shared with them both, “God sends me the best, most aware, loving people! I feel so blessed.”

My motto is People First.

  • So, think about a day that was God (Your higher power) orchestrated.
  • How can you have more of those?
  • What was your focus that day?
  • What attitude did you hold?
  • Were you able to dismiss the tough stuff or quickly clear the energy?
  • Do you have a motto?

I recommend journaling on the questions above. Make that commitment to yourself to JUST DO IT! Take a stand for your well-being and up-leveling. You have to get uncomfortable to grow. It is the challenges in life that make us strong.


Julie got uncomfortable and took a leap and now her whole life has changed!

“The benefits I have received as a result of my participation in the Mastermind group as well as Louise’s frequency groups have been honestly, somewhat surprising to me. I have noticed changes in myself since March. These changes include clearer thinking and a better ability to focus and finish tasks, which is invaluable as I own and operate my own wellness business.

I have also seen an increase in my financial abundance and I feel that I have gained a more positive relationship with money because of the abundance group and the clearings we have done.

Lastly, I have noticed an improved confidence and self-esteem as I interact with others as well as a feeling of just being more comfortable in my skin.

This has been a commitment of both time and money and I feel that it’s a worthwhile investment of both! ” – Julie

I would love to hear from you.

What one thing can you change today to be more in alignment with your faith? Our clients frequently refer their family and friends. I have worked with so many husbands, partners, boyfriends, kids, mothers, fathers , sisters, brothers, friends. Thank you for your referrals. I love, love my people!

  • If you are stuck and need a powerful boost?
  • You want change in your life and you know you are meant for more?
  • You are motivated to change?

Then let’s connect. I have 3 spots this week for a Soulful Success Discovery Session. Simply fill out this simple form and my team will schedule a call with me HERE. I look forward to meeting you.

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