This week we are back with another deep rooted emotion that hides itself oh so well: trauma.

We are so blessed to have Susan Kennard with us this week as our expert guide. Susan’s background as a scientist and psychotherapist for 20 years opened the doorway to her current work as a high vibrational channel for such important work- healing childhood trauma. Her work came to her in her own spiritual awakening and during this conversation she explains what that looked like for her.

We all have spiritual awakenings and even if we don’t realize it in that moment, those moments activate and lead us on our mission in the world.

Susan shares with us a very emotional story about a close friend who took his life very early on in age and that was one of the biggest moments that she can remember. So big in fact that she named her son after this friend many years later.

Do you have something similar that impacted your life? Moments like this are hard to see past when you are living in those emotions but also moments that shape and propel your awakening.

Susan is a spiritual scientist, much like the work we do here in Brain Soul Success- and looks at what is going on in the physical body but also connects any disease or illness with not being in alignment with our true purpose or being in a state of unconditional love for OURSELVES. Susan speaks about trauma in a very interesting light by introducing what her guides tell her. Her guides have told her that the trauma are like little pieces of dust! Isn’t that something?

“The more we dust ourselves off with energy processes the more we can shine our light out into the world.”

This discussion was one, among MANY others, that I TRULY loved and identified with as a doctor who connects both science and spirituality.

Tune in and really connect with those pieces of yourself that try to hide from your awareness.

We are all on a journey to find our truth and in times like we are experiencing now, there is no better time to give ourselves what we deserve.

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Louise Swartswalter

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