More and more people are looking into the natural principles of wellness by looking at diet, exercise, emotional wellbeing and the body’s structure. And that’s a good thing! Today, I am honored to have Dr. Marcus Chacos as our guest expert this week. He is a chiropractor, bestselling author and founder of Provolution Health, a wellness practice focused on transforming the health and lives of his patients and the community. Dr. Marcus has made it his mission to massively and dramatically transform the lives of people who seek out his coaching, support and care.


Inside this episode … 

  • The misconceptions of chiropractic and what it is truly a brain based, brain focused profession 
  • Why an improved nervous system is the key in ensuring every other system in our body is in its peak performance. 
  • Learn about the Total Healing Blueprint and the Seven Pillars of Optimal Health. 
  • How to restore the person’s ability to function at peak levels and have more meaning and more purpose. 

Dr. Marcus’ practice and programs are based upon a philosophy that health is an inherent state in all people and, by achieving balance between the physical, chemical and mental/emotional elements of one’s life, one may experience total body health and lead an extraordinary life.

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