This week on The Brain Soul Success Show we have expert Vince Kramer with us!

Vince is a Veteran, Retired Airline Pilot of 28 years and now business owner! I was lucky enough to be an expert speaker on his podcast over 2 years ago!

The basis of connection is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? What a gift it is to have Vince here with us on MY channel now.

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Vince shares his recent success with Imagine Miracles, his company and passion that he co-founded with his partner Mary. Vince believes everyone is unique and the creator of their own life. He is a clear channel, teacher, coach and trainer for their company.

As an airline pilot and military veteran he brings the masculine side to the softer field of personal growth to really exhibit what kind of change is possible when you take action. As the world changes around us, Vince speaks to how we can accept our spiritual guidance, talk back to the Universe and operate as a multi-dimensional being.

We talk about wake up calls and what these mean for you in your bigger purpose here on Earth.

What is the meaning of life for me? How did we come to exist here in this moment at this place? To be able to move beyond these moments of choice and discover the gifts we all have as individuals, is the passion behind the purpose for Vince, his wife and his company.

What you will learn:

  • How can you find your OWN guidance
  • What does it mean “living the life you are meant to”
  • How we journeyed to Earth and chose our lives
  • How to partner with our Ego to manifest our dreams
  • As 3D beings, how do we make change in all of our dimensions
  • How we are activating our DNA in a different way with the changing times

“There are no mistakes and coincidences in the world or Universe, quantum physics proves that to us.. We are the creators of our reality as observers.” -Vince Kramer

“We came into this world with a life that we are meant to live. For us to learn from the lower vibrations of the circumstances in our lives we kind of had to forget what we are here for.” – Vince Kramer

We share stories and tips GALORE during this enlightening conversation. Enjoy!

Please visit their site and connect with Vince and Mary.


Louise Swartswalter