Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s make it a beautiful one with positive memories of love, laughter and peace.

Here are some ideas on how to keep the energy up!

Many of my clients have mixed emotions about the holidays. They ask, “How can I maintain my sanity around certain family members? How can I have fun and have strong boundaries?”

First, everything is energy and intention. Create the intention of harmony and balance and project that out to everyone. Secondly, you can learn to clear energy and always have harmony and balance and even change a situation midstream. For example, we cleared energy for my daughter’s house to sell quickly with a process called brain-soul balancing. As we were clearing the energy the full cash offer was made. In another example a 5-year-old client was cleared of anxiety and worry and their whole disposition changed. Mom and dad were amazed and now the whole family has scheduled apts. In a third example, a client was experiencing brain and memory issues and when we released the trauma’s in the brain his memory and motivation improved! He made more money in 6 weeks than he had in 2 years! Although I can’t claim this publicly- this process changes dementia! I haven’t reversed it yet, but made big improvements.

So, what simple tool can I teach you to maintain harmony and strong boundaries? If someone or a situation is bugging you, no need to gossip, blow it out of proportion or tell three friends the same story. You are fueling the fire and staying in a lower vibration. Make a commitment to clear it and get back to the positive. Simply say or write the words (the truth) of the situation and you will feel lighter. The truth sets you free. This and Mind Gems (GET MIND GEMS HERE) will help you stay balanced. Try this and let me know what you experience.

There are more advanced tools that actually work on creating more freedom, better communication and even more money that does not require any equipment, just a desire to learn and practice. You have the opportunity to learn the B.R.A.I.N. System tools at the Brain Soul Success Bootcamp coming up March 15-18th here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. CLICK HERE.

What if you learned the tools to change your life and your family in a weekend. What would that be worth to you?

Here is what happened last year and I can hardly wait for you to experience the transformation!

Watch how Lisa transforms after releasing old wound: WATCH HERE


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“Your work is better than 16 years of therapy.”  — Karen, New Mexico

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