Someone asked me how my Orange Theory Gym experience was going lately. Well, I was so excited to be sweating and exercising hard, and then I came down too hard on my left leg and dislocated L5 and inflamed my spine.

I have sciatic pain that shoots down my leg. Whoa! Sometimes I can hardly walk. Big message here from God to slow down and stop pretending I am 30 years younger.

Have you ever had an accident, a surgery, injured your back, leg and or another body part and felt helpless? Most of us can relate in some way. What are the deeper meaning lessons? I love to work hard and play hard, and I really do feel awesome most days.

I have tools: biofeedback frequency, homeopathy, high level energy tools and my B.R.A.I.N. System. I would be way worse off without these tools, so I am grateful. Expressing gratitude aloud enhances vibration. My chiropractor is brilliant and is resetting my spine and discs, putting my nerve back in its place. Thank you Dr. Oston!

I have had help from friends and amazing practitioners: Dr. Patricia Nichols, my acupuncturist, Deanna Stanley, our B.R.A.I.N. Coach and biofeedback specialist, Molly, my beautiful assistant and talented body worker, and Nancy, a dear friend and a member of our Team Bootcamp. I thank Wanda, our event planner and my wonderful husband, Bruce. I thank you all.

There is learning and messages in everything. I asked myself, what is my learning here? What can I share with YOU so you can learn from my experience? I believe any imbalance is layered, meaning it is not just physical but also mental, emotional, spiritual and in the energy field. So, for myself the back and leg are related to issues moving forward and feeling supported.

It takes a team to create the movement we are embarking on. Who out there wants to help? If you are here in Albuquerque, I am looking for smart, motivated practitioners to mentor in my process, including having you see patients in my Albuquerque office.

I am in a big leap-period (this is the pain and transition of reaching a higher spiritual up-leveling) and of course these occur just when you feel like you have it “all under control.”

I am creating a growing community of B.R.A.I.N. Coaches to spread the Brain- Soul Success work to others. My teachers and mentors did not create the clear path to have the work continue beyond their years, and this is the reason I feel passionate to share these tools now.

The brain-soul success tools are needed. I can literally clear the physical, emotional and spiritual trauma that causes PTSD, anxiety and brain injury trauma often in one- 6-sessions package. I clear property, animals and businesses. What if more people could do this?

We have our first Brain-Soul Success Coaches now working! How many more people can we help? Listen as Deanna shares what is possible: 

What are you currently working on attracting in your life? Are you experiencing pain: physical, emotional, or spiritual? Sometimes you need the structural help for your body, as in my sciatic example, but you also have to clear the other layers and the B.R.A.I.N. System does that!

I am honored to share with you these tools for health, healing and success. I really love my people!

Blessings and love,


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