Today is Earth Day and it is a very special celebration. April 22, 2021 marks 50 years of Earth Day. 

Earth Day has so many meanings and exciting connections!

Here are just a few that are popping for me:  

  • Renewal  
  • Life force  
  • Saving our planet- recycle, renewable energy  
  • Back to the Earth – harmony with nature  
  • Enjoying sunshine  
  • Abundance of green   

I enjoy playing in the earth, digging in the dirt and spring plantings. Here are a few pictures from my front yard:

I am choosing to celebrate abundance this earth day- abundance in all- great health, amazing friends, prosperity, joy and the green garden.  

Won’t you join me?   

I want to invite you to join me in learning an abundance brain hack coming up May 5th is just a few weeks! I can hardly wait to share this with you all. Simple, elegant forward moves yield the biggest gains.

Have you ever felt…

  • blocked, stuck, or in your own way?
  • patterns or habits that you WANT to break but can’t shake?
  • dreams of success, but it feels like the harder you try, the harder it gets?
  • knowledge that deep down you were meant to do, be, and feel more?

Then this Masterclass may be the start of an amazing journey to health, wealth and abundance!

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Louise Swartswalter

P.S. –  Imagine where you will be in three months with a brain reset for Abundance. I have been up leveling this class for the past 12 years and results are amazing!  Invite your friends and they will thank you!