Well, the short answer is: I have the five secrets to help your brain, your body, your soul, and your life – and I share those secrets with others as a naturopathic doctor and also as a mentor/ teacher and coach. 

And I have to tell you this, with my hand over my heart and my eyes directly looking into yours: This is not a gimmick. It’s not made-up “woo woo” stuff.  It’s real. It’s science based on quantum physics. And it wasn’t something I simply discovered and retaught (although I have an incredible story about my mentor that I’d love to share sometime….). These secrets took me over 25 years to perfect and feel comfortable sharing with others. 

In the beginning, I was sick. Very sick. I was near death and came back to life. I recall praying and asking God for healing so I could be a mother to my two beautiful children.  And I did what I was supposed to do as a health professional: I changed and improved my nutrition, I took all the supplements, I got good sleep, I exercised – all those basic lifestyle changes. 

But it wasn’t enough. I still didn’t feel like me. 

So I took a different approach, and I started seeking answers in other places: classes and seminars. Old teachings. I was releasing mental chatter and emotional baggage, discovering and dismissing old ancestral traumas. And something incredible happened. I truly felt the alignment of my spirit, my soul, with my body.

And when we align with our soul, we raise our frequency to attract success and prosperity. The science is this: It’s like raising your vibrational energy through a multi-dimentional system, The BRAIN System ™  and that directly integrates with your brain frequencies. 


I started in the health field over a quarter of a century ago as a naturopath. I used biofeedback, kinesiology and even then I knew there was some missing piece. Someone would come to me about a problem in their gut. I could definitely help them; we would come up with a better protocol based on their tests and symptoms. We would review their diet and draw up a nutrition plan. But they still had pain. Maybe it’s emotions or mental baggage manifesting as stomach problems. How could I help heal all of them? 

So, as I worked on myself and learned more, I began bringing my systems and practices to my office as an offering to my clients. And it grew. Because it worked. And, now I incorporate more tools and teach them in my Mastermind Program- WHY?  Because it is not just fixing problems , it is completely transformational. It is the BEST KEPT SECRET.  

I want to teach you how to access these skills and change your entire life. Let’s learn how to overcome whatever energy is holding you back in whatever way. This is my gift to you: I want to personally invite you to 5 Secrets to Reboot Your Brain and Life, a 2-hour masterclass perfectly curated with the details and knowledge you need to access your true brain-soul connection. Click here -> https://www.louiseswartswalter.com/masterclass-july2022 to learn more and save your seat at this incredible FREE Masterclass I’ll be hosting on July 13th. I can’t wait to see you there.