Do you have Intuition superpowers?

I boarded the southwest flight to San Diego and stepped over a shiny copper penny. Good luck, I thought to myself.

At that very same moment the couple in front of me was talking about how the electric copper wires at their church were cut and stolen for cash.

Why were there two references to copper in the same moment?

Energetic alignment? Coincidence? Whatever the reason I found myself thinking about the gift of synchronicity. Like the time you knew the phone ringing was from that certain person.

Or when the parking space opened up just for you? Call this synchronicity or intuition? (See the 5 steps to develop your intuitive powers)

Did you know that we all have intuition, and it can be developed even more? The people I work closely with dramatically increase their intuition superpowers. They tell me their intuition is crazy strong.

They can clear the Brain Soul blocks and move forward in their lives and businesses in powerful ways! Our Mastermind members have doubled their income and businesses, written books, released ancestral blocks and gained confidence, trust and up leveled their lives and their families!

Their success spurred me to develop the Brain Soul Success Coach Certification program so we can help more people change their brains and change their lives! There are opportunities for you to hop on the Brain Soul Success train and learn the Introduction to the BRAIN System and begin your journey!

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Here are just a few shares:

Georgeanna experiences Miracles Daily!

So many things have changed since I joined the Mastermind program in March 2022. I’m more aware of my erratic up and down emotions that sabotage me. I don’t fly off the handle, reacting negatively as I used to. This is because I work on myself more; everyday doing my Mind Gems, prayer, using clearing processes and journaling. Miracles are happening for me and others right away, not later. I see the power of what happened when I use Louise’ work. I love it!! I’m excited to finally see the possibility and feel confident of using energy work successfully in my business, that I was not able to figure out for a long time. I’ve known Louise for eleven years and taken various programs. I wish I had joined her yearlong Mastermind program sooner. Don’t wait because it will only delay your transformation.

~ Georgeanna Mann, Hawaii

Bonnie’s Business Explodes!

I met Louise October of last year at the Bootcamp and had a session with her before joining the Academy. I had some health issues while trying to build a Soul Healing business during covid. I was able to retire from 30 years of ministry as a Director of Spiritual Care to begin the call of focusing on healing retreats, energy work, and spiritual counseling. Through the personal clearings and the practices that I learned in the Academy, I received 8 new clients, my health improved, and I facilitated a healing weekend at a retreat center with 10 beautiful souls. I had the courage to market myself, to be visible and trust that I was being divinely guided and all would be well. In just 4 months, my life has changed. I describe myself as a “soul illuminator” but through Dr. Louise’s teachings and practices my soul has embodied more of the light and shines brighter. May you be blessed and shine bright.
-Bonnie McCulley, Arizona

5 Simple Steps to develop your intuition powers Get clear of past ancestral programs such as fear, rejection, not good enoug

  1. Get clear of past ancestral programs such as fear, rejection, not good enough
  2. Journal your thoughts (like free flow writing) for 10 minutes each day
  3. Pay attention to how you feel and begin to talk with yourself (I feel tired so I will go to bed early) to develop deeper awareness.
  4. Listen for synchronicities.
  5. Trust your hunches, your gut and take action on those “ hunches.”