The term “corona,” which is from a Latin root meaning crown or ring of light, refers to the shape of the virus under a microscope.

Cool huh? We enter a period of more light and old fear must leave to lift us up!

Faith and Fear are the opposite and you cannot be in faith and fear at the same time. I have frequencies to zap the virus.

Be smart – eat healthy, wash your hands, get enough sleep and take your supplements – especially probiotics, minerals, and fish oil. My products are frequency enhanced for better absorption.

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If you are traveling take a snack, your supplements and wash your hands often. Get fresh air and ground when you get off the plane (walk in a park, the beach, forest).

I believe that the fear was here first, and the biowarfare energy of the virus attached to it to keep the FEAR alive. Everything is energy.

The virus is actually a cluster of viruses like SARS (RNA viruses) which are also in our vaccines.

I have a kit of herbs and homeopathics for these types of RNA viruses.

Here is what I do know…

Viruses are emotional and emotions create thoughts. I have frequency to zap the virus. No worries.

I believe more people are dying from so many other causes

The vibration of faith and positiveness will go farther to heal you and the planet.

There have been 11 deaths in the US from the coronavirus and you can read more here. This link has all you need to know or not know so you can stay in faith.

So, please be smart and take care of YOUR Beautiful Self using the B.R.A.I.N. System model:

B= Body – eat healthy, take supplements, exercise, great sleep, lifestyle habits

R= Release- release the fear and past patterns not serving your highest good

A= Align wit Spirit – pray, meditate

I = Integrate – allow your soul’s truth to shine -stay in your lane

N= New Program- put in the new positive belief that you are healthy and strong and stay in FAITH

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So, my friends, I am asking you to stay in FAITH and share this article with friends.

Let’s lift together — groups are powerful!