Happy December 22nd!

22 means Christ Consciousness and holds a high vibration! On the second day following the Winter Solstice this is still a great time to reflect, go within, and prepare a ritual for cleansing the old as you rebirth the new in 2021.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Have a Fire Ceremony – A great ceremony would be a fire ceremony to release and rebirth. You may want to take time to acknowledge the endings & new beginnings in your life that both honors your past and clears space to make room for what you wish for the coming year.
  • Call in the home Angel – First cleanse your entire home with sage or cedar. Find the center of your home, the heart of your home which many not be the exact center and sit quietly there. Focus your thoughts on an angel coming forth. Visualize this beautiful angel beaming a light that surrounds your house. Beautiful!
  • Journal on your heart’s path to healing and discovering your personal transformation.

Have you ever noticed that your story of transformation propels you forward and is often the very topic you create your book, dreams, and business around?

This is God’s plan- to use your gift in the world. Your journey uncovers your unique gifts.

What has been your journey? Do you like to write? See our exciting invitation to you – our tribe below.

My teacher said it beautifully, ” If you are not using your gift in the world you are dishonoring God.” Our life purpose is to use our own personal transformation to help transform society.

Here are a few examples of amazing people who are using their gifts in the world that stemmed from their own journey:

  1. Dr. Lauryn Lax who suffered with bulimia and is now a coach helping others with food issues heal.
  2. Tim who owns a car automotive shop today because growing up their vehicle would always break down.
  3. Bill who suffered with cancer and colonics helped him heal his life so guess what he is doing today? Yes, he is the best colonic therapist in our state , maybe the whole southwest.
  4. Wanda suffered with stomach and digestive issues found the BRAIN system and our Brain- Soul Success Program and now has her own business helping heal the emotions and trauma trapped in the gut- brain axis.
  5. Deanna, who was on a life journey healing addiction, more recently a TBI and ” finding herself” now uses both the BRAIN System and neuro-biofeedback helping others heal their brains and bodies and get super healthy!
  6. Dr. Jean was always seeking personal growth and traveled the world teaching brain based learning. Studying and using the BRAIN System Dr. Jean is now helping others heal their lives, clear past traumas, find their purpose and gain their confidence.

Calling All Writers

We are creating a book and ask you to contribute your story!

I invite you to write the story of the transformation- the journey of healing your wounded heart and what grows in it’s place. Please send about 500 words to louise@louiseswartswalter.com

Enjoy using the suggestions for a ceremony to cleanse the old and rebirth your new path. This time we are in is absolutely perfect for this inner work. The next quarter of 2021 will continue to be focused on our Inner Work as we peel the layers of the old and REBIRTH ourselves.

We will address this Inner Work coming up January 13th.

It doesn’t get any better than this!


Louise Swartswalter