Hello again my lovely people,

It’s podcasting time again and this week we have a very special guest, Alexis Keynes, who is both a client and close personal friend. Alexis is a breathwork specialist. She began her journey about 20 years ago while working with a spiritual master and found that she could release trauma and anxiety through this experience.

Alexis talks about her experience while taking the Brain Soul Success Courses and how she was able to get clear on her life’s path. She talks about her letters to the universe and how gratitude drastically impacts the outcome of our circumstances.

She is real and allows her honesty and vulnerability to shine through in our discussion about her journey to spiritual freedom. Alexis has had a remarkable journey made whole by feelings of sadness, suicide experiences and trauma but also accompanied by feelings of love, self discovery and happiness! It’s a good one guys!

This episode is jam packed with so much SUBSTANCE and truth and it was truly a wonderful time hearing her story. Remember, story-telling is learning and Alexis says “Walk your talk and always listen!”

In this episode, Alexis shares:

  • How to overcome struggles while on a spiritual path.
  • What mindset changes the way we process trauma and clear it from our minds.
  • How trauma can open a compassion gateway in us to relate to others.
  • Hard decision making and how to process those emotions.
  • How Alexis stays healthy and strong minded.

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Love you all,

Louise Swartswalter