Are you feeling the itch to pack up and leave, meet new people or do something crazy?

I am feeling that pull to get up and go… so the end of June I am going on a road trip to visit family and friends.

If you live in the Denver/Boulder area save June 27th- Powerful Spiritual Integration Class!

Time and Location to be announced.

This uncertainty, pro and anti vaccine controversy, split emotions and loss are real, in our face, and present in the energetic field.

I am calling it “Post Pandemic Syndrome”.

Here are four quick brain hacks to navigate these emotions and the new energy emerging. We are being elevated to the light – a higher frequency.

So, the chaos will spin out and you will find that you feel off balance at times.

Change begins here!

  1. Drink 1/2 your weight in filtered water
  2. Do Mind Gems morning and night
  3. Stay in your Lane and Keep your energy field clear
  4. Do one thing that gives you joy everyday!

So, there you go…4 simple brain hacks!

If you are a leader, entrepreneur, coach, business professional and you:

  • feel stuck
  • are overwhelmed
  • lack focus
  • are ready to up level and go for it

I have two slots for a Brain Soul Success Assessment this week.

Sign up here.

I love you all!


Louise Swartswalter