Everybody’s talking about the brain. We know that our brain relies on neurotransmitters, or brain chemicals, to communicate. But no one seems to understand about the Brain-Soul Connection and its impact on success, memory, cognition, and abundance!

It’s not just balancing the brain physically that makes complete change — it is clearing the brain-soul connections and increasing vibration that brings faster and greater success! Until your energy field is cleared, you will struggle with attracting abundance and it will take you longer to get what you want.

Why not take a short cut and RAISE YOUR VIBRATION? Balance the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and the energy field so you can leap faster! If you resonate with any part of these stories below, it is time for a personal bio-computer upgrade.

One of my amazing clients who suffers with depression used my B.R.A.I.N. System and in a few sessions was cleared of her ancestral connections to depression. When the negative energetic connection to her mother’s family line was cleared using Brain-Soul balancing and Geotran (the language of the field which contains the “codes “for creating wealth and abundance), her whole life changed. Now she has more clients than she can handle and is happier in relationships and in her life-work!

Another client had difficulty staying in a positive mind set (we all do at times in our life) and yet wanted to create a fabulous dream life where everything flows harmoniously. When we began working together, we cleared ancestral layers of energetic blocks and raised his vibration using bio-resonance frequency. Woweee. He keeps leaping forward, creating more abundance in all areas of life. He has more freedom at work and his boss has renewed respect for him. He has a new home and more positive friends in his life, and better health!

Just three weeks ago we cleared energetic blocks and learned the introduction to my B.R.A.I.N. System at the Brain-Soul Success Bootcamp. There were so many amazing transformations, watch a few for yourself.

Wataru’s YES Moment Revealed

Chris Discovers Inner Serenity

 Here is a quick brain hack to clear energy:

Name the people you feel like are stuck in your energy field.

Name the words about them, such as "needy," "angry," "judgmental..."

The power of your words (if you get the exact right word to express how you feel) will clear their energy from your field.

My brilliant example:  I am frustrated about something and I say, "Shoot,"  but I do not feel  better. Now I say, "Sh*t"  and I feel much better, because it was the right word to express the frustration I felt.

Tomorrow, April 18,  join us in person at 6:30 PM MST in the Albuquerque Natural Health Center office (4550 Eubank Blvd NE, Ste. D205
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87111) for a powerful Genius Integration! 

Long distance folks can join our Livestream from my Facebook page HERE.  

To Your Powerful Positive Healing for Life!



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