I recently had the absolute honor of interviewing the highly renowned Rachel Varga. Honestly, it felt less like an interview and more like an intimate dialogue between friends. 

Rachel is a double board certified nurse, she’s an international clinical trainer for other physicians and nurses and a celebrity skin expert featured on several radio shows. Rachel’s also a speaker and a four-time academically published award-winning author in the field of plastic anesthetic nursing, as well as an executive board member and peer reviewer for the plastic and aesthetic nursing journal. 

Here is just a glimpse into our incredible conversation: 

Defining Radiance

Dr. Louise: What’s the mindset of being beautiful?

Rachel: Well, a lifelong mission of mine is to unpack what defines radiance. We think “oh, having beautiful skin [means] looking beautiful. We tend to externally see what’s presented to us as what is beautiful, pretty, and pleasing to the eye. But really, when you start to connect with people and realize that, “hey, you know, this person might have some fine lines, wrinkles, sunspots, but there’s something to them that is drawing me in and that I find magnetic and what is that?” Radiance. That is what I’m learning and observing: my most high vibe, radiant clients, which are typically men and women aged 50 to 90 that have never done anything rejuvenation-wise in their lives. They feel good. They kind of want the external to match the inside, but they are way ahead of the curve than others. That’s the magic sauce.


On Healing the Brain

Dr. Louise: How did you get your brain back after two devastating accidents, aside from the physical therapy?

Rachel: Years ago, I didn’t have social media, and then I had to get it for this particular reason. And what I noticed was, with my generation, having an online business, you have to have an online presence. But I just felt like whenever I was scrolling on Instagram, I was getting triggered, I was having things brought into my awareness. So I was really noticing some significant interference – here we go for the energy stuff from an electromagnetic AI, and potentially spiritual component – that I just knew was not right for me. 

So I deleted it, which was a very bold move as an online entrepreneur, and the next month have the second best business month in my history. So it’s, it was almost like a gratification. Yes, this was a good move. So focusing less on feeding the ego with, “here’s a selfie of what I did today, check out my awesome life!” Just forget it, be in the present moment. And so being in the present moment, as opposed to constantly trying to document everything, and share things all the time with other people supported my brain most.


Tips to Increase the Healing Energy in Your home

Dr. Louise: As someone with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, how do you help keep your home your sanctuary? 

Rachel: It’s a whole different way of living to support my brain and reduce smell and lighting. There are no LEDs in my home, aside from my studio lighting. electromagnetics. I spend time purifying my air, water, lighting, and electromagnetics to allow my autonomic nervous system to be more regulated and less interfered with. So at least if I’m sleeping, I know I have air purification in the room, I am keeping my phone in this Faraday cage unless I can turn off all your Bluetooth. Not everybody has to do this much. But there is a relatively significant portion of the population that is also electromagnetically hypersensitive.

When you start to recognize that electromagnetics impacts more of the intuitive group to be honest because our senses are heightened. While I sleep, it’s very difficult to completely reduce your exposure to electromagnetic genetics. 

How to Protect Yourself

Dr. Louise: What are some ways others can take care of themselves?

Rachel: Realize the questions we need to ask: “Is it this something I’m eating something I’m breathing, something I’m smelling? Is it something I’m touching?” What’s impacting you? This  interference can affect the skin, also! ​​EMFs create more redness and irritation to the skin. Similar to how someone with sensitive skin or rosacea might present, it could be something deeper. More environmental. Of course, this is not medical advice. It’s educational information only, so if you think you have a medical condition, you must seek the guidance of a licensed physician.

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