What an incredible time to clear the brain soul blocks and share my new discovery- a blend of science and spirituality like no other.

If you know me, you know I can’t keep a secret. As soon as I learn something new that may help you MORE, I must share.

OMG! So, lately I have been clearing a lot of loss and grief and shame.

These uncertain times are calling ALL to step up into a higher level of faith. But, many are running the other way- getting sucked into the dark side, feeling lonely, isolated and frustrated.

What can you do to get back in balance and re-set your brain and re-balance emotionally?

Are you ready?

It is all about your glymphatic system and what got stuck in this system.

Researchers at University of Rochester Medical Center have discovered a system by which the brain removes waste as a powerful new tool to treat neurological disorders.

Scientists are just now learning that there is a complex waste removal system for the brain, “glymphatic system”.

A new imaging technology called two-photon microscopy to look deep within the living brain. As we will learn more about this unknown plumbing system that is responsible for flushing waste from the brain, scientists are discovering answers to to treating diseases like Alzheimer’s.

I have the inside scoop into your energetic brain and the little know connection to cleaning out the glymphatic system – I call Bain-Soul Success™.

Use kinesiology to find out the connection of the physical part of the brain, emotion, and age/situation and energy body.

Clear this and you have cleared the spiritual and emotional trauma related to brain injury, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, etc.

My clients experience improved cognition, better focus and memory and are calmer. So elegant and simple! Healing does not need to be hard- just need the right tool for the job.

These B.R.A.I.N. System tools create transformations that stick. It is not just about improvement, it is transformational!

Next time I will share a remarkable story of brain transformation using these tools. Stay tuned.

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