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Better absorption – key to healing - More Value for dollar - No GMO’s - Pharmaceutical Grade!

Complete Minerals, Omega 600 oil, Probiotics, CoQ10, Total Recall, Mood Max.

Experience the difference and you will see why Frequency Enhanced Products - Beat the rest hands down!

The Basics TOP SELLER--Complete Minerals, Omega 600, and Daily Probiotic –save $34.85


Wow, I have used other mineral, fish oil and a popular brand of probiotics and I got to tell you I feel better on these. I have more energy and the pain in my back is gone! Thank you! There I something to the frequency enhanced. I do not know how you do it but keep it up! Will you offer kid’s vitamins? CA Albuquerque, NM

Total Recall TOP SELLER improves memory and concentration.  

I love the Total Recall. I am recalling more and getting more done and feel great! Thank you for the brain power! SL Albuquerque

Mood Max TOP SELLER   Assists mood and neurotransmitter balance.

Awesome changes observed as reported by clients and their partners. I have to say that my husband is a different person on this product. I saw such a change in him I am taking it now and my sleep is better. I get more done and that PMS feeling is gone! LS Arizona

CoQ 10 Enhanced more available and higher absorption in this form. When Dr. Louise tests people they need only 4 per week instead of 2 per day so this form is more affordable than cheaper ineffective brands.  We love this! 

I feel great on this product, more focused, more energy, my blood pressure is stable and I only 3 per week! Thank you!   LA Albuquerque

NA-Cysteine is the precursor to Glutathione and assists kidney and liver function in detoxification and methylation process.

Dr. Louise is particular about results and all NAC products are not created equal.  Ours is only $20 and more bio available, plus the frequency enhancing adds to its effectiveness.

Stable Glutathione most stable form of this important enzyme to detox metals and environmental chemicals.  Also known as anti-aging nutrition. 

"I have looked for a stable form of glutathione for years and here it is!  It is absorbed better and the frequency enhancing makes it more bio available!"

Please do not ever stop carrying this product. This has helped my health, energy and life. Thank you. HG Albuquerque  

Allergy Hist

I'm impressed with how great I feel when I take the Allergy Hist.

I have taken other allergy products and they do not work for me. Is it the Frequency Enhanced that makes the difference? GK Hawaii

Hist Tame aide’s digestion of allergenic foods and repairs leaky gut.

Before taking ANHC Allergy Hist and ANHC His tame I had constant sinus infections and congestion with post nasal drip.  I use to take Sudafed every day for years.  I took it so much that my body got used to it and it no longer worked for me.  

After my sessions with Louise and taking the ANHC AllergyHist and ANHC His tame I have found relief.  I could not believe it worked so fast.  I was able to get relief.  I am now able to breathe freely.  I open the capsules and give one to my seven- year- old daughter and her allergies are so much better!  Thank you!  Mahalo, GK Hawaii

Adrenal Support rebuilds adrenals and contains Cordeceps known to enhance immune function.

I am writing to share how much I like your adrenal support. I have used glandular and other adrenal support products and I find the frequency enhanced Adrenal Support to be powerful.  

I only need one per day or very other day and I feel great! Thank you!  NA Colorado


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