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Everyone’s talking about beautiful healthy skin, right?

We all know that chemical – laden store bought lotions, eye creams and lip balms add more toxins to your body.

But what almost no one understands is the power of a few drops of locally grown herbs and oils can make a huge difference!

Learn how our 22 herbs and 11 oils can even out skin tone, reduce visible imperfections, and enhance natural luminosity.

Max and Jane Skin Nutrient, Eye Nutrient and Lip Nutrient provide all day hydration, help to restore elasticity, work to repair the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking firmer, more supple and more radiant.

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Save 20% On Max & Jane,
his Month Only!

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What others are saying...

"I have been searching of organic pure skin creams for years. These are the best out there! My skin is soft, hydrated and even the brown spots are disappearing! Thank you,” ~ Sylvia

"I love the eye nutrient - best hydration and my eye and mouth wrinkles are gone!  Thank you!" - Jean

"Healthy skin needs to breathe, stay smooth and hydrated, protect you from the environment, fight infection, and repair its own inner and outer barrier structures. For this to happen, we need the substances that allow this process to take place.

Some of these substances, we produce internally, and some we produce less of as we age, such as hyaluronic acid and collagen, so it’s wonderful to be able to replace what we no longer make in adequate quantities, and in a form that allows the body to easily use them." - max&

If all of that sounds like a dream for your skin come true, that's because it is! These skin nutrients are all grown on the small Max & Jane farm here in the Jemez Mountains where they are lovingly tended, consciously harvested, and purposely transformed into the BEST skincare I have ever used.

You should protect your skin all year, but there's something about the harshness of winter that reminds us how fragile our largest organ really is. Give Max & Jane a shot and FEEL the love!

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Save 20% On Max & Jane Products, This Month Only!

Click here to buy now!

Use Promo Code: save20 at checkout


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