Frequency Packages

We offer three 90-Day Frequency Packages a year. These packages work with the themes of anti-aging, abundance, and brain-enhancement and work through long-distance energy frequency broadcasts using biofeedback. Each package is customized with specific energy frequencies to optimize your health, happiness, brain function, and energies relating to the specific packages.

For example, the Beautiful Amazing You Package broadcasts frequencies to improve skin, circulation, self-love, firmer skin, and fat burning. The Awakening Abundance Package broadcasts frequencies to help attract wealth, happiness, prosperity, and personal growth. And the Brain-Boosters Package broadcasts frequencies such as serotonin, and other probiotics, minerals, and affirmations for focus and clarity.

The energy frequency work in a long-distance setting similar to how a text message is transmitted. Energy knows no space or time.

Please see the below videos on the packages and/or their accompanied webinar, as well as the links for more information. 



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