Awakening Abundance Now Webinar

  • What abundance do you desire?
  • Are you creating what you really want?
  • Learn how to relax, trust, follow your intuition, raise your vibration and create the life you desire!
  • Become a magnet for success!
Awakening Abundance NOW!
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Join us for this powerful FREE webinar that will change your brain, your frequency, your ability to manifest and your DNA!



  • Saturday, May 20th
  • 12:00 pm Mountain
  • 1:00 pm Central
  • 2:00 pm Eastern

On the webinar you will...

  • Learn the 5 steps to creating abundance using your brain power!
  • Experience a Brain Balancing Frequency session during the webinar! YES!
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What past participants are sharing...

Hi Louise! I received a $1000. Check on Thursday from a trust my Dad set up after he retired from the dealership & Friday night my dear friend won a bottle of wine at Mom's football clinic. We both were chanting her ticket # as it was read, last drawing of the night. Almost 150 mom’s in attendance. Thanks for the extra Solfeggio tones today. We needed them. CS, Ohio After the group session last month I got an amazing report from my cardiologist. He said that I was the calmest he had ever seen me. He did not put me on any strong medications. He said that I could slowly stop taking four supplements to make life easier for me and to save money. Thank you!

- D.E., Albuquerque

Hi Louise - my abundance updates: Got a $447 - today a stranger bought a $447 product off my website: very unusual to have that happen! A few days ago - a client who had purchased a package of 3 sessions told me she will continue coaching with me. I think there was one more but can't remember it right this minute. Here's to the frequencies!!! Love, A.C.

- A.C., CA

Am not tired today, in fact, this is the best I have felt in weeks. I have been fatigued and discouraged for a long time. THANK YOU so much for your help! Love you!!!

- S.L., Albuquerque
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Even more shared ...

  • Group member already received her inheritance check the day she signed up for the group.
  • Group member received $10,000 for Social Security back pay.
  • Another member received checks for $240 and $77 today in the mail.
  • Group member won a Nook at a conference!
  • Group member received a check from Credit Card Company for $102.
  • The next day another member received a check for $102 from an old settlement.
  • Someone barely knocked my bumper, called her insurance co. who wrote me a check for $2,600.
  • Therapist received 4 new customers with payment.
  • Member got fencing for ½ off on Craig’s list!
  • Member said her teeth were helped.
  • Member packed quickly and easily for a trip - used to be a chore.
  • Member received $12,000 as birthday gift from a relative. Her husband also received $12,000!
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