This week we have a very special guest, Ms. Dani Williamson.

Dani is a Vanderbilt school of nursing graduate who incorporates the art of medicine by balancing traditional and integrative therapies. Dani owns Integrative Family Medicine in Franklin, TN and focuses on gut, autoimmune thyroid (Hashimoto’s Thyroid is her passion), hormone and adrenal health. Her approach embodies a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual process to healing- who else does that sound like? Hehe!

She believes that God designed our bodies to heal themselves, we simply must give our bodies what they need.

Dani shares with us how she completely reversed 24 years of chronic diarrhea, Lupus, joint pain, itching and depression by healing her gut and building up her immune system.

How amazing!

She is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and workshops where she leads discussions on gut, adrenal, thyroid, hormone and brain health.

This week we explore the possibilities of her passion and learn key takeaways for nurturing the body from a perspective of spiritual integration through your gut. Dani says “if what is on the end of your fork is garbage going in, there will only be garbage coming out and there is nothing that any pill can do for that.” WOW! Dani shares her six steps to a healthy overall life, to be WILD & WELL!

What you will learn: 

  • Why your diet is key 
  • How her six steps work together to cultivate a “feel better do better” approach to life
  • The importance of healing childhood trauma  
  • How struggle and pain lead to growing yourself  
  • Dani’s first book  Wild and Well: Dani’s 6 Commonsense Steps to Radical Healing comes out in the Fall!

This one will inspire you to take action on healing those past trauma’s so you can shine in your life and follow your passion.

Join us on the Brain Soul Success Podcast on itunes to listen to the full interview and get a first hand listen to Dani’s amazing testimony and processes!


Louise Swartswalter