Did you know?

Traumatic memories are stored in the brain differently from other types of memories.

Research suggests that when a traumatic event occurs, it activates the body's fight or flight response, which triggers the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones can affect the way the brain processes and stores the traumatic event.

Unlike other memories, which are stored in the hippocampus, a region of the brain responsible for encoding and consolidating memories, traumatic memories are stored in the amygdala, a region of the brain that is responsible for emotional processing and the formation of emotional memories.

Amygdala and Temporal Lobe

I have also seen the Temporal Lobe of the brain is affected (Four in One Integration in our program – Take a Quantum Leap, Brain Soul Success Bootcamp
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This is why traumatic memories are often accompanied by intense emotions, such as fear and anxiety, and can be easily triggered by reminders of the traumatic event.

After trauma, cells in the hippocampus are killed off and you can experience a flashback. People can be triggered by a picture, a thought, a sound. When you are stuck in fight-flight, the more difficult it is to process emotions. It is about getting back to safety.

 Old trauma's are re-triggered

 I believe and see ALL of US triggered by the Pandemic which re-triggered old trauma and for some, it is playing out now. The good news is you can shift this more quickly.

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I found that a multi-sensory, multi-dimensional approach works best. It sticks! So, I developed a five-step system, The BRAIN System™ to release the memory and emotions of the traumatic events. This system is also a powerful piece to shifting Mind Set FASTER. It is unique in that it addresses the physical, mental, emotional, soul, and energetic fields simultaneously. And it reboots the brain with the positive program.

When we use the system and teach the Brain Soul Hacks for Success, a sense of calm and peace is present - not just in the brain, but the soul and energetic field. The difference is it sticks.  

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For example, here is what Norma shared after experiencing the BRAIN System. Also, her picture - Before, After an hour, and after 3 months of using Brain Soul Hacks that take 3 minutes to do!   

How cool is that?   

I was very concerned about my mental health as I was feeling very stressed and overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. I could not sleep and I had lost a lot of weight. After the bootcamp with Louise I started to notice I was feeling better after a couple of days! Even my husband noticed the change in me and encouraged me to continue the work. Now after 6 months, I am back to my old self. Overall I feel calmer, more balanced and my brain is strong. I am so thankful for Louise and her work.  I don’t know where I’d be without her.  

- Norma Hans, Actress, Los Angeles  

Traumatic memories are also stored in a more fragmented and disorganized way than other memories. They tend to be stored as isolated sensory images, sounds, and emotions, rather than as a coherent narrative. This can make it difficult for individuals to make sense of the traumatic event and can lead to feelings of confusion, disorientation, and a lack of closure. 

Additionally, traumatic memories can also be stored in the body, as physical sensations such as muscle tension, stomach pain, and headaches, as well as somatic symptoms like heart rate acceleration or sweating, that can be triggered by reminders of the traumatic event.  The emotions are held in the body and tissues and manifest as auto-immune imbalances, hormone imbalances, body pain, and more.    

Research suggests that these differences in the way traumatic memories are stored in the brain can contribute to the development of mental health conditions such as PTSD and that addressing and treating traumatic memories can help individuals improve their overall mental health.  

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Love, Louise  

P.S. Even if we do not know each other yet, I want you to live your best LIFE, excel in business and heal your whole self!  Join us here and begin the journey!  

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