Are you an intuitive person who seems to take on the energy of your partner or kids and you lose yourself somewhere in there? It is like your essence got lost? The harder you try to talk to yourself about boundary setting the more jumbled things become? Intuitive’s are often highly sensitive beings.

Let’s take the Intuitive IQ Quiz: The more Yes’s the higher your intuitive IQ.

  • You feel deeply for others.
  • You put others before yourself.
  • You cry when watching movies.
  • Large crowds are challenging but you make yourself do it.
  • You sense others’ energy and suddenly your day is ruined. Your kids or dog gets sick and so do you.
  • The moon cycles make you moody (not to mention menstruation times).
  • You have had an autoimmune illness in your life or unexplained illness.
  • You love your family so much that when one member is hurting you “suffer with the hurt or emotion.
  • Certain foods and chemicals make you sick.
  • Forget watching the news— too depressing.

So how did you do?

The more yes’s the higher your Intuitive IQ. I have been working with highly intuitive sensitive souls for years- first as a dyslexic therapist and teacher and then as a biofeedback therapist and naturopathic doctor and now as a B.R.A.I.N. Coach.

So what can you do? You can be 100% YOU and use your innate gift. I will be sharing the three powerful tools that will clear your energy field and allow your power. YES!

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Gale leaned these tools and she is rocking in her life! Deanna’s intuition increased more and she uses the BRAIN System daily and made six figures two years in a row. Lisa uses the BRAIN system daily and can eat foods again and is healthy and more powerful every day.

Alexis’ gift as a healer is shining and she has not looked back. Areli’s whole life changed and she is now “clearing” her family.

Dr. Cleopatra wanted her husband to experience the work!

I will be teaching the Three Tools to Reboot Your Brain: Achieve Peak Performance in Your Life and Business.