I just got home from San Diego where I had the opportunity to speak on stage at Lisa Sasevich’s last event!


I love connecting with amazing, heart-centered people who are serving others with their gifts. This group of about 300 in attendance raised $33,000 for Global Dental Relief, an awesome organization providing dental care for overseas children in need. Check out more about them, and you will see why I wanted to give! Perhaps you want to donate, just hop on their site.

Sharing, connecting, learning and growing with friends in (my own) Brain-Soul Success Mastermind and Sassy Mastermind excites me. Giving excites me – I call it the God Loop.

This got me thinking about all of you. What excites you?

1. I challenge you to write down 5 things that excite you, give you a lift and make you super happy.

2. I want everyone who wants to experience community to have the opportunity.

It is for these two reasons that I created a simple, awesome way to experience community, sharing, learning, clearing energy and growing together wherever you live on the planet.

One way is to join a group through one of my online frequency packages. We are just beginning Awakening Abundance Now! Wow! People get unexpected checks, buy homes, attract partners and clients! Last year three members received unexpected $10,000 checks!

The format is weekly zoom calls (all recorded so you can watch later), energy work, and bio-feedback frequency for abundance – all integrated for a unique dimensional success approach.

Join Us or Learn More and Experience Your Own Quantum Leap!

Since you are in our tribe I want to give you a gift of $100 off the group. Use coupon code of 100OFF. Class is Wednesday so hurry!

Charlotte MacFarlane’s huge success!

“One of the biggest wins was overcoming anxiety and depression, which has plagued me since I was young. I had been diagnosed with dysthymia, which is genetic depression, and told I would always feel depressed. Fortunately, with Louise’s guidance, we have cleared the ancestral energies keeping me there, and I feel awesome!

Other wins from the past year include a more fulfilling marriage, eliminating debt, changing the way I view and interact with other people, and generally becoming a more compassionate and satisfied human being. I’ve also engaged and embraced my passion for writing like never before. I’m setting bigger goals than I ever dared to dream, and I’m achieving them!”

– Charlotte MacFarlane, Veterinarian, Canada

Lisa shares her transformation…

“I was feeling heavy and disconnected and I thank Dr. Louise for reaching out and connecting, knowing something was amiss. Her words and intuition were right on and she found things in me I did not know were there. I feel so much lighter and more present after Dr. Louise did her magic clearing. During both sessions I felt a peace and calm replace the reactivity and panic. My breathing returned to normal, it was amazing!

When Dr. Louise cleared my field and used her biofeedback frequencies I felt supported through the whole event. This was our best event ever and I am so grateful to Dr. Louise. Louise’s brain-soul work is so needed in these times.”

– Lisa Sasevich, The Queen of Sales Conversion, California

As you tune into What Excites You take that action step and say “YES” to yourself and your goals. It will change your life if you allow and move forward. 

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