I love my people, yes, that is YOU!

I have found I am hearing songs lately. My last two downloads were by the Blues Brothers and then I heard, “People, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world,” by Barbara Streisand. (I think I sang that one as a kid while we were driving in the car. How did my parents deal?)

Golly, do you need people? I sure do. If you are a coach, doctor, service provider, manager, mother, father, brother or sister, then you need people who care about you — you crave that!

We all have an innate desire to be loved, recognized and validated. I often find that positive self worth and feeling “good enough” is tied to the situations in our lives where we felt invalidated. This could be anything, little or big. It is not the horrifying situations that get stuck in the brain-soul body and have to be released. It is the emotion that attaches in the brain that has to be transmuted.

Shame is a big one, and when we release the shame (which can be ancestral) the person’s gifts can shine and they will say, “I recognize me now.” Or, “I am back.”

Often there are layers of pain and trauma that peel away like an onion. Oh, I love watching this transformation for people. We did just that at our Brain-Soul Success Bootcamp and the whole room felt it. We did a Miracle Integration on Gale.

The Miracle Integration works on the occipital lobe of the brain and “reboots” it. It addresses dyslexia issues and our relationship to self, as well as our relationship to the world.

Here is Gale before and after the integration.

Our next class is Awakening Abundance, and I am already excited to release the group’s past baggage so they can radiate at a high frequency and attract amazing abundance. Whohoo!

We begin May 15, so we have a few weeks to get you ready. This is the perfect time for you and I to discuss your pain and goals and get you started on your path to abundance. I have three open slots this week and next week. The value of this free 45 minute discovery session is $500.