Disease is just body, mind , spirit and energy field out of balance.

Why? How did we get the allergies, illness, cancer, auto immune diagnosis?

When we are talking about healing, we have to address all of the layers: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and the energetic field.

When I got sick 25 years ago, I thought the chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and allergies were all just physical problems. I sure was hurting and was at the beginning of my healing journey. It sure seemed physical.

Here is a typical scenario…

We change our diet, take supplements, seek doctors (traditional and alternative), we google our symptoms, self diagnose and create mind chatter that seems to feed our current symptoms. Or we take on the very issues we just read about. I bet you can relate?

I knew there was more healing needed because I did not feel like ME. I kept seeking and worked on my mental game, kept a gratitude journal, spent time in nature and still wasn’t were I wanted to be. Then I found biofeedback and energy work and began to put the pieces together. I am so grateful!

To heal completely addressing the layers all at once (body, mind, spirit and energy field) using my multi-dimensional BRAIN System is faster.


What I figured out is that the brain holds the emotions and memory of the trauma, sickness and past traumas that contribute to the cancer, diagnosis and illness.

These create lesions and take up space in the brain not allowing our soul’s truth to shine (why we call it brain-soul). We are a soul with a body, not a body with a soul. The masters in China said we heal in the spaces (the space in the crevices of the brain, between the heart and lung, between the nerves, between the lymph and the skin, etc.)

This is your spiritual body- those spaces.

All pain is emotional and can be released. Emotions carry a frequency, or charge. We have to clear the abuse, the memories of a bully in third grade, the abandonment, shame, guilt and grief. When we clear the emotions, or past traumas, the person feels lighter and more aligned and they HEAL! COMPLETELY!

We are clearing the cellular memory bumps or lesions. I once cleared the emotions attached to a woman’s ulcers and they were gone — she brought in her ultrasound to prove it. We had to clear the emotions connected to the tumor for Kylene to heal completely. It is an important layer in being whole and healthy.


Today, we cleared a core issue for a client when we addressed the reason she feels unseen. She said her two sisters got all the attention. We had to go back to when she was 11 years old and take care of her younger sister who is 8 years younger than her. She became mom to her sister. She was a child and had to grow up when she really wanted her mom to see her and affirm her. As kids we want our parents to be happy and we will take on their emotions of control, perfectionism, shame, guilt, etc. These patterns and the ancestral line patterns must be cleared to really be YOU!

I just love watching people heal, holding space for that journey. I can admit that I would not be doing such deep work with people if I had not had a near death experience myself.

What a gift and brilliant teacher our struggles are.

What struggles are you dealing with now and ready to let go of? I encourage you to journal, create some white space and allow insights to bubble up. Write them down. Bring them to me.

Next steps…

Why take that stuff in 2020, right? Isn’t it time to let that go?

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