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Wake up Singing!
Have you had a tough week?  Feel like you are straddling two worlds?

You are making great spiritual strides yet there is “stress” and you just want to
climb up out of the confusion?  Are your muscles stiff, eyes tired and your
body heavy?

You are not alone?  The planetary energies are pushing us to grow and to trust,
stay in
faith and let go.  The more you resist and “try” the harder things will be.
 It is time to clear the ancestral patterns and “allow your gifts to shine.”  THIS is big
right now.

I recently worked with a practitioner from another country over the phone and she said,

” I feel like a different person. I don’t know what you did? People are commenting that I look and sound different. Amazing!  I tried a lot of things over the years and I am blown away! I wake up singing. MR , Canada

“Wow, Louise!  Before working with you I had done so much work on
the issues with my parents yet still felt hurt by them – ugh! Through your techniques and understanding of ancestral patterns I am over it. I have forgiven them knowing they were acting out ancestral patterns they had no way of knowing about.

Big sigh of relief!  The big thing is I don’t feel victimized by them or  by my partner any longer. I don’t react to things other people do or  by my partner any longer. I don’t react to things other people do or  say by feeling insecure or guilty. It’s like I have taken my power back and other people can no longer make me feel there is something wrong with me. I feel free, and that is a very different outcome from  any other work I have tried. Also the Mind Gems are great for emotional balance. Thank you so much!” Coach A.C., Colorado

The Mind Gems will help you stay more balanced.
You can view the Mind Gems here:

My passion is working with you- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually using my signature BRAIN program. The BRAIN program was created from my experience using a combination of tools including biofeedback, trauma release work, medical intuition and naturopathy over the past twenty five years.  Now I can help you leap forward and get unstuck so much more quickly!   See more here:

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