Last week I had the exciting opportunity to do an interview with my friend and colleague Riana Milne, a Certified Life, Love & Relationship Coach.

We talked about how for anyone struggling with childhood trauma life can feel like a living nightmare. Well, you know how much I enjoy clearing that energy and helping individuals live their best life, so we had a lot to talk about! We share the same passion and though we have slightly different approaches, we are still focused on the brain.

Riana helps singles learn to attract emotionally healthy, evolved partners, and she helps couples transform their relationships from toxic to terrific.  I am so excited to introduce the amazing Riana to you!

In this video interview, Riana and I share our stories, tips and life passion. Enjoy!

Riana has been an educational speaker on Personal Transformation topics for over a million people of all ages, for over 38 years. She specializes in How Childhood Trauma and Unconscious Emotional Triggers Impact Adults in Life & Love and is passionate about motivating her clients to create loving, positive, emotionally healthy relationships with themselves and others.  Riana has been in private practice for over 18 years, at her company, Therapy by the Sea, in Delray Beach FL.

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