I love, love my people and that is you!

Every day I am able to work with the most amazing heart centered people. As I use the BRAIN System with clients energy patterns and themes emerge.

What an amazing time we are in! We are in a period of beautiful destruction and reinvention.

If you have been feeling: off balance, body pain, trouble sleeping, things are blowing up around you, or you feel like you are treading water and want to swim to the other side of the pool – you are not alone.

This is post pandemic recovery which is pushing us all to grow and let go…

  • Let go of old patterns
  • Let go of negative people and places
  • Let go of the old ancestral programs of fear, shame and guilt.
  • Let go of the old systems
  • Let go of the ego
  • Let go and align with God, the divine, your higher power and allow peace, joy, creativity and abundance.

The time is now!

“Exercise on Releasing and Reinvention”

Step one: Releasing

  • Make a list of all you desire to let go.
  • Burn it in a fire pit, fire place or I use this big green bucket 🪣 on the porch.
  • Make a statement about letting go and being free. Declare your freedom to create your next chapter! God wants you to use your gifts in the world and the time is now.

There is a magical energy of creation and Reinvention. There is a force greater than the mind, a powerful spiritual up leveling happening.

Step Two: Reinvention

Answer these 3 questions.

  1. What do you long for?
  2. What has been your dream that you are holding yourself back from?
  3. What do you want to feel upon waking every day?

Great work!

Allow me to be your guide. I have helped 45,000 people achieve their dreams-triple their incomes, manifest relationships, reclaim their health and more.

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I love you all!


Louise Swartswalter

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