As a successful entrepreneur you are speaking at events both in person and online and juggling business, family, and life. It can be stressful, and Christa Biegler shares her wisdom as the host of the Less Stressed Life podcast and author of The Eczema Relief Diet & Cookbook. She helps health-savvy women overcome food sensitivities and fatigue without restrictive dieting to beat bloat, burnout & eczema breakouts.

Skin diseases are quite common and affect as many as one in three Americans at any given time. Christa found that her own eczema and food sensitivities were related to stress, toxins, and liver imbalances. Skin rashes can be related to gut, kidney, and thyroid too. You really must look at the whole person.

Christa’s brilliant mind and good questioning and her brain soul shines in this interview. You will find her genuineness and sharing inspiring. We talked about the power of questions and purpose, daily routines to destress and more.

Inside this issue you will discover:

  1. How skin issues and inflammation can be related to the gut, liver, kidney, colon and show up differently inn individuals.
  2. How to destress by asking the question what gives you joy, what filles you up.
  3. She does not start a project after 8:30 pm
  4. As a fast talker she had to learn to slow down, de stress and listen to her heart.
  5. Working holistically with the three pillars- structural, nutritional, and emotional.
  6. The epidemic of seeking purpose is big right now.
  7. The power of Lion’s Mane for your brain!

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