This week, our podcast leads in a bit of a different direction.

Instead of hosting, this week I was a guest speaker! I had the pleasure of speaking on Dr. Meghan Walker’s podcast, The Entrepology Podcast.

Dr. Meghan is a naturopathic doctor like me and also an Entrepologist who supports the health and optimization of entrepreneurs, innovators and go-getters.

Her podcast focuses on bringing to the public renowned experts on hot topics that can quite literally give you the forward push you need to change the trajectory of your life…just like I do. So when I say I had a blast speaking with Dr. Meghan, I mean I HAD A BLAST!

During our conversation Dr. Meghan asks me about my past, my healing and what I do to help others now. We address a very hot topic from a very different point of view and as you all know, my work is anything but ordinary.

Our episode focuses on “What every entrepreneur needs to acknowledge in their business marketing.”

We aren’t single dimensional beings and I talk about this during our episode and how addressing all of the elements that make us, can actually change our lives from every angle- even our business’ and our success’. In recovery, they say that admittance is the first step and wow is that true. Even in growth and energy work, admitting that you aren’t where you want to be and that you know there are more pieces to this puzzle than you are acknowledging, is absolutely KEY.

We are emotional, physical, spiritual and mental so to put this lightly if we are not addressing all parts of who we are, we can stay stuck longer and not move forward.

Tune in as we dive deeper into this world of acknowledgement and self-awareness as an entrepreneurial culture and what that can actually do to propel us into the next stage of our careers, lives and connection with our higher purpose.




Louise Swartswalter


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