Receiving the email that Truly Alive Magazine was closing at the end of this year was shocking and a sign of our times.

As our world shifts to online and the internet please support your local businesses no matter where you live. I felt inspired to honor Karen, the brilliant editor, friend, and colleague.

I am so grateful for Truly Alive Magazine and Karen Larre, the editor of this beautiful magazine and her support. We have top notch natural doctors, practitioners, and healers right here in the Southwest.

Karen Larre was instrumental in bringing this community together and highlighting each business through the magazine, her dedication and the events she hosted over the years. Thank you, Karen!

There were so many Truly Alive Magazine Issues with all our mentors and teachers- Susan Summers, Gregg Braden, Donald Walsh, Dr. Joseph Mercola. There are too many to name here.

For a limited time, you can check out the wealth of information here.

I did have some great articles from 2004- 2017 on Brain Boosters, Anti-aging, Detoxing, Sleep Issues, Geopathic Stress and more.

Looking back, it also gave me insights into how many years I have been in this world of natural health and healing. This past year I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregg Braden for our podcast-The Brain Soul Success Podcast. Check it out. In 1994 Dr. Mercola helped me sue the state of Illinois regarding a pesticide issue. The kids and our community were experiencing unnecessary asthma and illnesses from the spraying of toxic pesticides to kill mosquitoes. I was a mom and special education teacher turned activist.

Another flashback came up as I am writing this. Karen came to my house where I began my business as one of my first clients. It was Karen who encouraged me to open an office. Wow! I recall being scared to leave my home with all my sensitivities. It was Karen’s encouragement and love that inspired me to entertain the idea. The very next week I was taking a class on Acupuncture and my classmate said, “There is an office next door to me that is for rent, you should check it out.” Albuquerque Natural Health was born. That was 2004.

Thank you again, Karen. I know you have had an equally profound effect on many of the businesses here and I want to throw you a BIG in person party. I am not sure when we can do that, but I can feel the excitement and see the dancing and celebration! We will make that happen!

And of course, the story continues.

Twelve years later… I created and founded the Brain Soul Success Academy, a global transformational company training professionals, coaches and practitioners in my 5-step methodology, The B.R.A.I.N. System™. Results Count!

For you my family, I have a homework assignment for you.

In this holiday season write one Thank you letter to a teacher, mentor who influenced you and changed your life. Let’s spread the gratitude. Gratitude raises vibration.

I love you all,


Louise Swartswalter

P.S. – You are invited to a “Holiday Bliss Party” to honor YOU and this amazing spiritual awakening happening on our planet.

I feel called to gather to raise the frequency, do a brain integration and meditation for peace to allow for YOUR bigger transformation.

The weeks before the Dec. 21st Solstice are powerful.

Join us and invite your friends!

December 16th at 5:30 pm PT, 6:30 MT, 7:30 CT, 8:30 ET