Seventh Heaven- do you want the keys to abundance?
You can be in seventh heaven and acquire the keys to abundance when you release the blocks to abundance and success.
First of all, what you carry is not yours and often belongs to someone else… we assimilate energy because we are energetic beings. Secondly, one of my teachers said it is all about the questions..  ask yourself, “Whose feelings are these?” Who does this belong to?  At what age did it start?  Where is it – heart, big toe, part of the brain?”  
( hint is is often where you have pain).
Two quickie methods to acquire the keys to abundance.
1. Clearing statement 
Say I destroy and un-create my expectations, projections and judgement, assumptions and rejections, conclusions and decisions about how my parents handled money. ( or fill in what you want here).  Good and Bad, right and wrong, pod and poc, all nine shorts , boys and beyond.  I know this sounds funny- it is a clearing statement , just try it. (The statement comes from Access Consciousness)

2. Brain – Soul Clearing 

We are energetic beings and your energy field is expansive and goes to the stars- miles out around you. Often the pain you feel belongs to someone else. It gets stuck in a part of the brain, organ system, or other part of the body,  BUT it starts in the energy field.
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Seventh Heaven, keys to abundance

Quick story..  even cancer is related to a past trauma-emotion and is not your soul’s truth.
A few years ago I worked with a woman who had breast cancer that went into the
brain. She told me she had 13 brain tumors that the medical docs zapped with radiation
( screws in head and pulses of radiation to each tumor). She did not know who she was and
needed help just to stay alive after that treatment.  Her cousin cared for her. She did  regain
consciousness and I knew we needed to clear that on.. I am still fascinated by
what I found.
How does Brain-Soul Balancing Work?
I use a process I call Brain-Soul Balancing to release the “stuff” that is not yours so you can be you. I figure out how many strings ( people or situations) are taking you away from your truth.  It is the most complete releasing system because it goes to soul level.

With my client we used Brain-Soul Balancing and my system called ( BRAIN).  I tested how many strings, drew them stemming from the box representing her soul’s truth and we began clearing.
She left completely different- lighter, balanced, energetic and her whole self- her soul’s truth. I realized after she left I had drawn 13 strings- the same number of tumors she had radiated. Mmm..  would she have needed that barbaric procedure ( it sounded awful ) if I had met her earlier and we cleared the 13 strings using brain- soul balancing?    
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