You have to heal yourself first, before you can heal others. And “ God helps those who help themselves.”

This is at the crux of Hanna Kroeger’s work. She’s renowned as the grandmother of natural health. Now, I’ve personally been working with her methods for over 25 years.

Her main book is my health bible — and the book I’ve referred to the most since my studies in naturopathic school. And I cannot wait to share her secrets with you.

That’s why today, I’m so excited to invite you to Activate the Healer In You — a special masterclass where I teach you how you can use Hanna’s methods to be health detective for yourself and your clients/patients.

It’s happening this Sunday. November 13th and you can still join us! And because you are part of my tribe here is a coupon to save $500! Use code HEALER


Secrets to Looking Younger Summit

My friend Jenny Bailey, a nutritionist and weight loss coach, has brought together 20+ health & medical professionals, and ME of course, as we each share powerful secrets on how to stop limping through life energy-less and finally get your energy back to be your most vibrant self.

I’ll be talking about the brain soul connection to feeling and looking younger.

Find out our secrets on how to get your energy back and health on track in the Secrets to Looking Younger interview series. This FREE online event is November 14th-18th. It’s 5 straight days of science-backed strategies to help YOU live a longer, healthier life.



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